BOOM Esports Continues To Dominate Dota Summit 13

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BOOM Esports Continues To Dominate Dota Summit 13

BOOM Esports continues to dominate the Dota Summit Online 13: SEA.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the Dota Summit Online 13: Southeast Asia reached its playoffs. One of the teams that many people considered to be the hidden favorites is BOOM Esports. Today, they had to go against Cignal Ultra in the lower bracket of the event.

What happened between these two?

Cignal Ultra is one of the teams that is capable of defeating anyone, including the strongest squads in the region. Consequently, the match between them and BOOM Esports was really interesting to watch.

Although Cignal had some good moments, they were unable to deal with the constant aggression from BOOM Esports. The first game of the series was around 20 minutes, during which Cignal only managed to secure two kills. Needless to say, they were pretty demoralized going into the second game of the series.

After yet another clinical performance, BOOM Esports managed to rip through its enemies and continue forward in the event. Sadly, Cignal Ultra was the first team to be eliminated from the event.

The second series of the day

Apart from BOOM vs Cignal, there was one more series that we watched, and it was between Neon Esports and 496 Gaming. As expected, Neon Esports played really well during game one, especially after they picked IO for Andrei “skem” Ong.

Nearly the same happened in game two, even though 496 Gaming was a bit stronger this time. Neon was still able to outmaneuver their opponents and delivered their knock-ut punch.

Don’t forget to watch this event tomorrow, where we will see the upper bracket matches. Here, Trust Gaming will meet Adroit eSports. After that, all SEA Dota 2 fans will probably want to watch TNC vs Among Us. Those two teams are in excellent shape right now, so we can’t wait to see what will happen.

BOOM Esports Continues To Dominate Dota Summit 13
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