BNE vs 9INE Preview and Predictions: CCT Online Finals #1

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BNE vs 9INE Preview and Predictions: CCT Online Finals #1

Two teams bordering each other in global rankings will square off in the BNE vs 9INE CCT Online Finals #1 Lower Bracket Round 3 matchup

Bad News Eagles and 9INE reconvene three and half months after their ESL Challenger League Season 44 faceoff. This time a place in the CCT Online Finals #1 Lower Bracket Quarterfinals is up for grabs. Bad News Eagles head into the tie right after ending their brief two-match losing streak, while 9INE were on the right side of two back-to-back clean sweeps in their previous endeavors. The Poles, therefore, are the CSGO betting favorites in this match. 


Bad News Eagles got the better of Movistar Riders at the Lower Bracket Round 2. David “dav1g” Granado put up a man-of-the-match-worthy performance for the Spaniard side, but he could only lead his team to a second map win on Anubis. The Kosovars won the first and third maps to frustrate dav1g and his team. 


Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti

  • HLTV Rating: 0.97
  • Impact Rating: 0.88
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 69.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 68.9
  • Kills Per Round: 0.60

Genc “gxx-” Kolgeci

  • HLTV Rating: 1.08
  • Impact Rating: 1.02
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.5%
  • Average Damage Round: 69.9
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Flatron “juanflatroo” Halimi

  • HLTV Rating: 1.10
  • Impact Rating: 1.16
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 68.6%
  • Average Damage Round: 82.6
  • Kills Per Round: 0.75

Dionis “sinnopsyy” Budeci

  • HLTV Rating: 1.03
  • Impact Rating: 1.10
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 66.1%
  • Average Damage Round: 78.5
  • Kills Per Round: 0.69

Rigon “rigoN” Gashi

  • HLTV Rating: 1.09
  • Impact Rating: 1.18
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 68.9%
  • Average Damage Round: 81.0
  • Kills Per Round: 0.75

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Ninjas In Pyjamas showed praiseworthy fighting spirit against 9INE, but they could not avoid a 2-0 defeat to the Poles. A remarkable second half comeback brought them to the cusp of victory, but Wiktor “mynio” Kruk’s men banked on their strong start to win on Vertigo by 16-13. The second map on Mirage was a more balanced fight in regular time, but the momentum heavily swung into 9INE’s favor in overtime. 


Krzysztof “Goofy” Górski

  • HLTV Rating: 1.08
  • Impact Rating: 1.10
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.6%
  • Average Damage Round: 77.9
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Kamil “KEi” Pietkun

  • HLTV Rating: 1.12
  • Impact Rating: 1.21
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 69.7%
  • Average Damage Round: 82.9
  • Kills Per Round: 0.74

Kacper “Kylar” Walukiewicz

  • HLTV Rating: 1.05
  • Impact Rating: 1.02
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.7%
  • Average Damage Round: 73.3
  • Kills Per Round: 0.68

Wiktor “mynio” Kruk

  • HLTV Rating: 0.92
  • Impact Rating: 1.01
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 67.3%
  • Average Damage Round: 75.8
  • Kills Per Round: 0.63

Aleksander “hades” Miskiewicz

  • HLTV Rating: 1.12
  • Impact Rating: 1.11
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.1%
  • Average Damage Round: 73.7
  • Kills Per Round: 0.73

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BNE vs 9INE Predictions: CCT Online Finals #1

We expect 9INE to beat Bad News Eagles by 2-1. 

BNE vs 9INE Head to Head Record 

BNE 4-6 9INE

BNE vs 9INE Maps 

  • Mirage
  • Overpass
  • Vertigo

9INE vs BNE Score 

  • Map 1: BNE to win by +4<
  • Map 2: 9INE to win in OT
  • Map 3: 9INE to win by +6<

9INE vs BNE Top Fragger


CCT Online Finals #1 BNE vs 9INE Match Links

BNE vs 9INE Match Time

May 28, 2023 – 08:30 ET/07:30 CST/05:30 PT

BNE vs 9INE Preview and Predictions: CCT Online Finals #1
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