BLAST Unveils Paris Major 2023 Qualification Process

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BLAST Unveils Paris Major 2023 Qualification Process

From phase formats to tournament schedules, BLAST has released the process for CS:GO teams to qualify for the Paris Major 

The BLAST/tv Paris Major 2023 is set to begin on May 8th, and the organization has published an updated format for the Regional Major Ranking tournaments act as separate qualifiers for the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Depending on their results at the previous Major, CS:GO teams from all regions will undergo a new qualification system devised by BLAST, which will culminate in RMR events that are set to run from April 3-12. 

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The teams that managed to make it into the Legends Stage at the Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major will make it to their regional RMR by way of direct invite, while the rest will have to enter via open and closed qualifiers. Half of the entrants of the closed qualifiers will be included by way of the recently-instated Valve Regional Standings, with the rankings as of February 12 determining their inclusion. The other half will face the daunting gauntlet of the open qualifiers. 

Qualifying Details

The following is a breakdown of how many teams will be invited to each closed qualifier based on region. Note that due to its sheer dominance of the esport, Europe will have two separate closed qualifiers to determine its representatives at the Major. 


  • South America – 8
  • North America – 8


  • Rest of Asia – 4
  • China – 4
  • Oceania – 4
  • Middle East – 4


  • Europe – 16 (8 each from Closed Qualifier A and B)


Five teams will qualify for the Paris Major from the 16-team Americas RMR, with one of these starting from the Legends Stage.

Teams to advance directly to the RMR:

  • FURIA (Brazil)
  • Liquid (USA)

They will be joined by 14 more teams from closed qualifiers, 7 from South and 7 from North America.

Schedule for the American qualifiers:

South America

  • Open Qualifier – February 21-22
  • Closed Qualifier – February 23-26

North America

  • Open Qualifier: February 21-22
  • Closed Qualifier: February 23-26

RMR: April 3-12 


From the European RMRs, 17 teams will move forth into the Paris Major, with the seven best starting from the Legends Stage. 

Teams to advance directly to the RMR tournament:


  1. Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
  2. MOUZ (Europe)
  3. FaZe (Europe)
  4. Sprout (Denmark)
  5. Outsiders (Russia)
  6. fnatic (Europe)
  7. Bad News Eagles (Kosovo)


  1. Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden)
  2. BIG (Germany)
  3. ENCE (Europe)
  4. Spirit (Russia)
  5. Heroic (Denmark)
  6. Cloud9 (Russia)
  7. Vitality (Europe)

These 14 will be up against another 18 teams, 9 in each RMR, that will come from the closed qualifiers.

Schedule for the European qualifiers:

  • Open Qualifier – February 13-14
  • Closed Qualifier A – February 15-19
  • Closed Qualifier – February 15-19

RMR: April 3-12


Due to neither of Asia’s champions advancing past the Challengers Stage at the IEM Rio Major, they will only get two seats at the Paris Major event by default. 

The Asian RMR has grown from 4 to 8 for the ongoing season, with each closed qualification carrying two berths.

Schedule for the Asian qualifiers:


  • Open Qualifier – February 15-16
  • Closed Qualifier – February 17-19


  • Open Qualifier – February 15-16
  • Closed Qualifier – February 17-19


  • Open Qualifier – February 15-16
  • Closed Qualifier – February 17-19

Middle East 

  • Open Qualifier – February 15-16
  • Closed Qualifier – February 17-19

RMR: April 3-12

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BLAST Unveils Paris Major 2023 Qualification Process
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