BLAST Pro Series Reveals Global Final with $500,000 Prize Pool

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BLAST Pro Series Reveals Global Final with $500,000 Prize Pool

The Counterstrike Blast Pro Series has revealed that the BLAST Global Finals will take place in December and feature a $500,000 prize pool.

RFRSH Entertainment, the tournament organizer of the Counterstrike BLAST Pro Series, has announced that the Global Finals for the league will take place in December. The location and venue have yet to be revealed, however.

The tournament will feature the top four teams from the year’s BLAST Pro Series tournaments. Each tournament will award points to teams depending on where they place. At the end of the year, the four teams with the most amount of points will advance to the Global Finals.

According to RFRSH, the tournament will use a best-of-three, single elimination format. The top prize for the Global Finals is $350,000.

After the first two Blast Pro Series tournaments in São Paulo and Miami, Astralis is currently in the lead with ten points, followed by Team Liquid, NiP, and FaZe Clan.

Blast Pro Series Points Total

The Global Finals

The already-announced seven teams will continue to face off through the year and will rotate in and out of the tournaments until all teams have played in five Blast Pro Series tournaments. All BLAST events, starting with Blast Pro Series Madrid, will feature five of the announced teams above in the tournament. BLAST will fill the sixth slot with a “wildcard team” or a squad that took the top spot in a qualifier. That said, since BLAST fills the sixth spot differently at every tournament, these teams will never be able to gain enough points in order to make it to the Global Finals.

Regardless, Blast Pro Series has been a blast so far this year, featuring several HLTV Top Ten teams duking it out in a whole host of best-of-ones. The format is novel and exciting and feels more like a flashy CS_Summit than a serious Counterstrike tournament.  That said, the addition of the Global Finals might force teams to take their time at the Blast Pro Series tournaments a little more seriously than they might have been.

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