BLAST Premier Expands Spring Showdown Qualifiers To Include 1500+ Teams

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BLAST Premier Expands Spring Showdown Qualifiers To Include 1500+ Teams

Now, CS:GO teams from around will have their chance at glory.

Today, BLAST revealed their plans for a new qualifier system for the Spring Showdown. In it, teams across multiple continents will have a shot at grabbing a spot in the event through regional competition.

Currently, there are qualifier events planned in Latin America, Iberia, Western Europe, North America and the Nordic region. Before these events, any team can participate in online, open qualifiers. If they place well enough here, they'll advance to the main regional competition. At this point, 40 teams altogether are directly invited to attend the Qualifying Series Finals to compete against the other qualifiers.

The BLAST Premier Qualifiers' format is the same for each region. Eight teams will battle it out over the course of three days until one team claims total victory. The one that does will claim the region's Spring Showdown spot. In addition, that team will receive $25,000 to help their team and develop their organization.

The Spring Showdown features a $162,500 prize pool that these regional teams can fight for. But for those who can manage, they'll have their eyes on the Spring Final and potential World Final. These will be the real tests of mettle against the best teams in the world.

The regional qualifiers' hosts and dates are as follows:

  • Latin Power by FiReSPORTS: March 19-21 (Latam America)
  • Unity Cup by LVP/RTP Arena: March 22-24 (Iberia)
  • FantasyExpo Cup: March 23-25 (Western Europe)
  • North American Qualifier: March 26-28 (USA & Canada)
  • Nordic Masters: March 26-28 (Nordic)

Right now there are over 20 countries that will be involved. However, BLAST plans to expand on that even further in the Fall Season. They plan to include more continents and regions from all around the globe, but more details about that will be released at a later time.

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