Beyond the Crosshair – 13 Valorant Myths Debunked

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Beyond the Crosshair – 13 Valorant Myths Debunked

Although many people have played Valorant for years, many still believe in certain myths. Join us as we uncover some of the things you need to know.

Valorant is an amazing game that offers people the chance to play with friends and compete against others. We have shown a lot of things, including 1v1 tips, how to aim, and more, but now, it’s time to take a look at specific myths you may believe.

When talking about Valorant myths, there are tons of different things you can test to see what happens. Trying everything and creating an article about it will take too much time, so we’ve decided to focus on a few more intriguing options.

Can You Killing 5 players with 1 Jett Rightclick – No

You have probably seen these crazy montages of Jett players killing those people with their right clicks. While it’s time you can land tons of kills, one of the Valorant myths we’ve debunked is related to the fact that you can’t kill all 5 enemies even when they are behind each other.

If you attempt to do that, you will only kill 4. This might seem weird, but it is what it is.

Two people teleporting simultaneously will only make 1 sound – No

Having the ability to teleport can be extremely useful in Valorant. With that said, people who use sound to their advantage know that this makes sound, which means they can detect when someone is pushing. 

We have seen that some people reported that players will only hear one sound when two agents teleport simultaneously. From our experience, this is not the case.

Cypher’s Tripwire can make people float – Yes

As crazy as it sounds, you can actually use Cypher’s Tripwire to make people float. This is really weird, and we have tried it several times, but the results were the same. Keep in mind that Riot Games may decide to nerf this in the future, so don’t be surprised if it is not working.

Using a knife to destroy Cypher’s Tripwire will not let him know – No

There are many ways of removing Cypher’s Tripwire so that you don’t fall into it, and one of them is to use a knife. Some assume this will allow them to stay unnoticed, and Cypher won’t know it happened. We have tried it and we can confirm this is one of the many Valorant Myths that is simply not true.

Using Cypher’s ultimate two times will result in him getting his hat back – No

As you know, once Cypher users his ultimate, he will have to put his hat on the ground, meaning he won’t have it on. Some people reported that Cypther players who managed to use their ults twice in a game actually get their hats back. As cool as it would be, this is not the case, so this is among the Valorants myths that are busted.

Jumping on Rayna’s Blind – No

Speaking of busted Valorant myths, some people mentioned on Reddit that you can actually jump on top of Reina’s Blind. This would make the ability even more interesting, but the truth is that it is not possible.

Phoenix’s ult saves the agent from the Spike’s explosion – No

The spike is dangerous when it is about to explode, so all agents try to escape so they don’t die. One of them, however, has a really strong ultimate and some people assume that it is strong enough to save the agent from dying against an exploding Spike. Sadly, Phoenix’s ultimate is not that strong.

Raze’s Rocket can go through teleporter – Yes

Before checking one of the more interesting Valorant myths, we expected the answer here to be no. However, it became clear that Raze’s rocket could actually go through the teleporter. Whether this is handy is a topic for another day, but the important fact is that it works.

Neon’s Ultimate is not accurate when jumping – Yes

Neon is one of those Valorant agents that has a lot of fans because she offers a lot. Her ultimate is amazing, but the bad news is that it is not that accurate when the agent starts jumping. In other words, this was one of the Valorant myths that turned out to be true.

Viper’s poison does not do as much damage when you are on the edges – Yes

Viper is one of those Valorant agents many people hate playing against, and for a good reason. She can be extremely annoying to play against, but it seems like one of the Valorant myths about her is true (at least when tested). It became clear that agents take slightly less damage when they near the edge of her poison.

Raze’s ult can be blocked by Yoru’s decoy – Yes

Everyone hates when their ultimate gets wasted, which is why most ults are designed in a way to make them as efficient as possible. Sadly, if you are playing Raze, you must be very careful if there is a Yoru on the enemy team. If the answer is yes, your ult can be blocked by his decoy, so this is one of the true Valorant myths.

Yoru can survive the Spike while in his ult – Yes

This was one of the Valorany myths that we knew was true because we have been in many situations, and it always worked. Yes, you can survive the Spike’s explosion if you are using Yoru’s ultimate.

Skye’s dog can’t break Chamber’s Tripwire – Yes

We have seen a lot of people online who claim that Skye’s dog has the ability to break Chamber’s Tripwire. We were very skeptical about this Valorant myth, and it seems that we were right. It would’ve been cool if this was true, but the reality is that it isn’t. 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, there are many other Valorant myths that people talk about, but this does not mean they are true. We recommend being careful when reading about those things and always test them to see if they are true. 

Beyond the Crosshair – 13 Valorant Myths Debunked
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