BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2 Division I

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BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2 Division I

BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro will be the last series of May 2 for Tour 3 Division I in Eastern Europe, and it will definitely be the most interesting one.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Virtus.Pro among the best in Eastern Europe, but we can agree it’s high time for the team to stand up. The BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro will be the first clash for squad1x and his crew, but they will want to start with a victory, so the series is very important. All of the sites where people can bet on the EEU matches will offer it, so take a look at the best eSports platform from ESTNN if you want to learn more about all of the options.

BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro Preview

We’ve seen the Virtus.Pro vs BetBoom Team clash several times over the course of the 2023 DPC. Even though BB usually has the lead, VP is a team that people need to respect. Considering this will be their first match in Tour 3, Virtus.Pro will have even more motivation to start with a victory. 

BetBoom Team

One of the best teams in Eastern Europe in the last year is also among the big favorites for Tour 3. Before the BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro match, Pure, and his team have a series against HYDRA, meaning this will be their second match of the DPC. We can’t wait to see what will happen.

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Despite the fact that Virtus. Pro hasn’t been the same after the big roster change from a couple of years ago, the team has shown some signs of improvement. Interestingly, the BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro clash will be the squad’s biggest challenge in Tour 3, so it is a very important game.

BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro Predictions

Danil “gpk” Skutin with headset on, behind his PC, plays at a LAN event for Gambit Esports

As much as we like VP and think the squid has a lot of potential, this series will most likely be in favor of BetBoom Team. The latter has one of the best rosters in the world right now and will want to dominate.

Will this game offer us a Divine Rapier?

No, we don’t think that the BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro series will give us access to a Divine Rapier. Although everything is possible, this item is not that common.

Can we see 3 full games in this series?

Yes, even if Virtus.Pro is the underdog, the squad won’t go down without fighting. That’s why it’s highly likely to see 3 full maps.

Can one of the games in the series end in under 20 minutes?

Even though this is always a possibility, it is highly unlikely because neither of the teams will give up. Therefore, we expect that the match will be longer.

BetBoom Team vs Virtus.Pro – Where to watch it

One of the most epic battles at Tour 3 Division I in EEU will occur on May 20 at 20:00 EEST. The match will be available on YouTube and Twitch, so make sure to follow all live streams.