BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 Overview – Predictions, Schedule & More

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BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 Overview – Predictions, Schedule & More

BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 is an event that will bring together a lot of people we know. Here is what you must know about it.

Despite the fact that most of the Dota 2 community is focused on DreamLeaugue Season 22, this does not mean there aren’t other tournaments. BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 is one of them, and it’s an event that many people love watching. Considering its name, you can expect to see a lot of big streamers that will compete for an attractive prize pool. In fact, let’s learn more information about it. 

BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 – Overview & Format

BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 is a tournament organized by NarodCast and sponsored by BetBoom. What’s interesting is that it is an online event that includes teams from Russian-speaking players.

The event began on January 22 and will last until January 28. During that time, 8 teams consisting of the most popular Russian-speaking streamers will compete for the prize pool of 2,000,000 RUB. When writing this article, the prize pool is equivalent to ~ $22K.

Regarding the BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 format, the event has 8 invited teams They will play in a single round-robin format in the Group Stage, where every match is Bo1. The top two squads will go to the Semifinals, whereas the 3rd to 6th place teams will advance to the Quarterfinals. The rest will be eliminated.

The BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 playoffs begin on January 26 and will last until January 28. During that time, we’ll have a single-elimination bracket with a Bo5 Grand Final. The rest of the series will be in a Bo3 format.

Teams and Predictions at BetBoom Streamers Battle 5

As mentioned, this is a very different Dota 2 tournament from what we are used to because there are no professional teams. Instead, the participants are squads made of streamers. Currently, we will have the following teams and players inside them:

  • Travoman Team – ilTW, TpaBoMaH, Samsan, y0nd, by_Owl
  • Fissure Team – UnderShock, 633, Shachlo, ArsZeeqq, Zloba
  • Stray Team – krylat, Stray, DkFogas, Vovapain, Fervian
  • Cooman Team – Cooman, b4x4zZz, Amor, Mantis, relaxcis
  • Nix Team – Nix, reibl, bowbowbow, Alagon, Lukawa
  • YBN Team – ybicanoobov, Dinzavrik, Peturshara, 4ce, dabex
  • Goodwin Team – Mariachi, LenS, Смотри % Учисъ, Goodwin, sanyaqz
  • Cake Team – Illidan, Cake, Shergarat, goodoq, 1ceN1ce

As mentioned, the matches began yesterday, and so far, we can see that Cooman Team and Goodwin Team are leading. It will be very interesting to see if they will be able to win because most people expected the Travoman team to dominate. The latter has a lot of big names, including iLTW, the ex-OG carry and one of the best Russian Dota 2 stars.

ArsZeeqq and ybicanoobov are also two big names in Dota 2 and bot of them are part of the BetBoom Streamers Battle 5. Make sure to follow us for more information because we will keep you up to date with this and all other Dota 2 tournaments.

BetBoom Streamers Battle 5 Overview – Predictions, Schedule & More
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