Best Viper One-Way Smokes on Pearl Defense

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Best Viper One-Way Smokes on Pearl Defense

These defensive Viper setups will boost your elo on Pearl

The relentless Viper made her debut in the game's early days. This agent has left a permanent mark on the very fabric of Valorant's gameplay. From humble beginnings, this agent has undergone a transformation that has elevated her to a prominent position in the game's meta. According to her adoring fans, she's the belle of the ball regarding controller agents. To maximize your potential, we've curated a selection of defensive setups to propel you toward greatness in the marvelous Pearl.

Best Viper One-Way Smokes on Pearl Defense

Credit: Riot Games

One-Way Poison Clouds

We can all agree that the capability to employ one-way smoke tactics is the most distinct part of Viper’s kit. This ability makes her deadly in even the highest echelon of the player base. It appears that many Viper enthusiasts are yet to realize the power of Poison Clouds of this agent, which unfortunately hinders her ability to excel as a controller. Those who have a firm grip on her mechanics are bound to radiate brilliance, regardless of the location on the map they are defending. So next time you play Viper on Pearl, use these one-way clouds to unleash hell on the attackers.

A site – Poison Cloud for Art

If you were to inquire any analyst about the vital element of managing A site in Pearl, their response would explicitly be “Art”. To test this statement, you can deploy your autopilot, bottom-fragging, and toxic Jett to defend this area. Soon you’ll see the enemies stacking round after round by successfully taking control of A. As a skilled Viper, it's up to you to seize control of the situation. Luckily, this one-way smoke is just the trick to give you the upper hand.

Step 1: Approach this marked position in the picture below.

Picture2 5

Credit: Lineups Guide


Step 2: The shown part of the doorway must be aligned with your HUD like this

Picture3 5

Credit: Lineups Guide


Step 3: Click fire, and this incredible Poison Cloud will pop out.

Picture4 5

Credit: Lineups Guide


B site – One Way Poison Cloud for Double Doors

How often have you lost a round because you were busy defending B site with your team, and a flanking Cypher hits you in the back from B Link and wipes away your entire team? Ah, or is it the classic dilemma of cautiously guarding mid-doors with a Judge, only to be ferociously surprised by a flash from Skye, a reveal from Fade, and a grenade from Raze that sends your teammates preparing for your funeral? We know it’s quite a lot to handle. You have to take that as a signal to start working on your mid doors defense. This one-way smoke is tried and tested to increase your chance of success; therefore, we urge you to learn it.

Step 1: Get stuck in the corner beside the box on the B link.

Picture5 4

Credit: Lineups Guide


Step 2: This is super nerdy, but you have to line the shown part of your UI with this highlighted object.

Picture6 4

Credit: Lineups Guide


Step 3: Click fire, and this overly powerful utility will make your opponent reconsider their plan of pushing through mid-doors.

Picture7 3

Credit: Lineups Guide


In a nutshell, these one-way setups will transform you into a Pearl defense maestro. Should your opponents dare to entertain bold ideas, do not avoid administering the most agonizing penalties. Make the most of these clouds and soar your team to triumph!

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Best Viper One-Way Smokes on Pearl Defense
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