Best TYR Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

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Best TYR Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

Here is the best TYR loadout for Call of Duty: MW3 multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a wide variety of weapons and loadouts with its recent release and updates. Unlike the normal CoD multiplayer experience, every gun in the game has been built to be viable across many maps and game modes. The traditional CoD has a few handpicked weapons that can perform well, but in MW3 almost every gun is usable. There is not a single weapon that puts its user at a disadvantage when picked up. The way the entire arsenal is balanced is very impressive. Never have there been this many guns across all categories viable in a Call of Duty game. Snipers, Shotguns, ARs, and SMGs, all have their place and uses.

Similarly, Activision has been able to place the handguns at a respectable position too. There are a few powerful pistols that are available for players to use. One of the more notable ones is the TYR pistol. Due to its popularity and effectiveness, we have come up with the best loadout and class setup for the gun in MW3.

Best TYR Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

The TYR is a powerful handgun that has incredible stopping power. The gun bears similar traits to previous guns like the Basilisk from MW2. Its damage is very high and its accuracy is immaculate. However, there is a significant recoil to the gun. For this reason, very few players tend to use this gun in their games. Because the TYR is such a strong option for a side arm we have decided to show the best loadout for the gun which will allow almost every player to control the gun and use it to its highest potential.

Best Attachments for the TYR

The TYR has strong damage but at the cost of heavy recoil. Controlling this recoil is very difficult, so with the help of some attachments, one can unlock the true potential of the gun without having to focus on the kickback too much. These attachments are given below:

  • ZIU-166 Heavy Long Barrel
  • 12.7x55mm High Grain Rounds
  • Ali’s Regret Trigger Action
  • Ivanov Support Brace
  • Aim OP-V4 Optic

The ZIU Long Barrel improves the weapon's effective damage range and also increases the bullet velocity. This makes the TYR more accurate at longer ranges and slightly raises its damage. It also reduces the gun’s recoil and increases the accuracy alongside the Ali’s Regret Trigger Action. Ali’s Regret also improves the fire rate allowing players to high damage rounds much faster. Speaking of damage, the High Grain Rounds also improve the damage to quite an extent. The Ivanov Brace also improves the recoil control while adding Tactical Stance for the TYR.

Best TYR Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Charlie INTEL

The Aim OP-V4 Optic is a great minimal optic that doesn’t cover the screen too much while in ADS. Some players do suggest that default iron sights for the gun aren’t bad and prefer to use the Akimbo TYR Rear Grip instead of optics. This allows the player akimbo-wield two TYR handguns at the same time. Therefore the chances of eliminating a player doubles up.

Best TYR Class Perks & Equipment

These equipments assist players in finding targets and increase movement speed for the player. They also improve some of the crucial weaknesses of the gun, which is when the player has to reload. Since the TYR is a revolver the reload time is quite long. This makes the player vulnerable for a long time. The perks and equipment work in reducing that weakness. Allowing the player to continuously fight as fast as possible. The Perk package is given below:

  • CCT Comms Vest
  • Scavenger Gloves
  • Lightweight Boots
  • Ghost T/V Camo
  • Mag Holster
  • Munitions Box Field Upgrade

As said before, reload times and ammo are the main focus of this class. The Scavenger Gloves make sure that the player always has some bullets to play with until the Munitions Box comes in. The Mag Holster also reduces the reload time for the TYR. The Comms Vest increases enemy blip duration on the radar. It also increases the width of the Tac Map. The Ghost Camo also hides the player from all forms of detection including UAV, Radar, and Heartbeat Sensors. The Lightweight Boots work on improving the movement speed while wielding the TYR.

How to get the TYR

The TYR Handgun unlocks when the player reaches Level 50 in either Multiplayer or Zombie. So XP grinding will be crucial. To reach Level 50 fast it is advised to use Double XP tokens. The tokens will help players to rank up faster and unlock the TYR.

Best TYR Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Eurogamer

Best Alternatives to the TYR in MW3

Some of the handguns that can act as the best alternatives for the TYR. These include the Renetti and the COR-45. Both are very powerful handguns with great damage and mobility. These are great options to use as an alternative or even as practice weapons before you get the TYR.

The WSP Stinger is also a strong gun that has an SMG design. Due to its fire rate and damage, it's a deadly option to go with. Its compact size allows it to be a great support weapon. It can finish off players at close ranges and acts as the ideal secondary weapon.

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Best TYR Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3
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