Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

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Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Here is a detailed list of the top 5 sniper rifles and loadouts in Call of Duty: MW3

Activision’s newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise introduces new and unique weapons for players to try out in the game. Starting from ARs to shotguns, all have diverse options which heighten the gunplay during player-to-player encounters in the game. Adding to that, the multitude of weapons transferred from MW2 adds another layer of variety during matches. With numerous attachments and class setups, every player has something different that keeps the experience fresh and interesting. The weapons have also been balanced nicely, as every gun has its unique strengths and weaknesses. So, their viability is also unique but not disadvantageous.

Despite the regular automatic guns, like the ARs, having been the staple in CoD, the Snipers have been able to co-exist in a pretty dominant position. Players can stand toe-to-toe against the SMGs and Rifles with quick reflexes and steady shots. So, Snipers are a very popular branch of the CoD arsenal.

So, let's take a look at the best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and their best loadouts. Be sure to check out our other top 5s on ARs and SMGs.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles and Loadouts in Call of Duty: MW3

Snipers rely on the one-shot kill potential to be viable in most gunfights. Due to the significant rate of fire difference compared to other guns, Sniper Rifles need to be able to get the job done in one shot. The rest depends on the skill of the wielder.

Other factors include mobility and ADS times, which allow a player to flow through the map seamlessly and take gunfights with the same agility as others. This helps balance the weapon in shorter to mid-range encounters. Besides dominating long-ranged fights, Sniper Rifles need the potency of being compact enough to work in other situations.

5. KV Inhibitor

This gun mimics the Dragunov in real life. Being a semi-auto rifle, it normally has lower damage than a bolt-action. But make no mistake, as this packs quite a punch. It has the potential to one-shot weakened enemies. Despite having a significant damage drop-off at longer ranges, consistent body shots are enough to take out players. It is also quite versatile, making it very viable across all maps and game modes.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Credit: Activision

Best attachments for the KV Inhibitor:

  • Kastovia JEK-40 Barrel
  • FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Ivanov Wood Stock
  • Broadside Factory Grip
  • SL Skeletal Vertical Grip

The mobility of the weapon is quite sluggish, so the JEK-40 Barrel works in increasing ADS Speed and Sprint to Fire Speed. The Laser also helps out during fast-paced combat as it increases Aming Stability and a higher ADS Speed. The Wood stock also improves stability and increases the Movement Speed as well, making the KV Inhibitor quite a deadly gun.

4. MCPR-300

Being the first bolt-action sniper on the list, the MCPR has high standards to live up to, and it delivers. It has the same damage as more billy guns like the Victus XMR but remains more lightweight and compact. Due to this deadly combination, the MCPR is much easier to use and recommended as a starter gun to practice sniping. Most higher-tiered players suggest this gun to help new players get introduced to sniping. Despite being a beginner's gun, the MCPR can do some pretty heavy damage.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Credit: Activision

Best attachments for the MCPR-300:

  • Bruen Agent 90 Muzzle
  • 22” OMX-456 Barrel
  • 5 Round Mag
  • Cronen Cheetah Grip
  • Froge Tac Delta 4 Optics

The Agent 90 Muzzle and the OMX barrel improve the overall range of the gun and increase its damage drop-off range. It also makes the recoil more bearable. Despite the default magazine having 10 bullets, the 5-Round Mag provides better stats in movement, reload times, and ADS times. The Optics also improve ADS speed significantly, making the gun viable for mid to long-range fights.

3. SP-X 80

If quick scoping is something you’re looking for, then the SP-X 80 should perform exceptionally at your hands. It is considered to be a superior form of the LA-B 330. It is a fast-firing gun that surprisingly has good mobility and handling. Its damage is also quite high, which allows it to one-shot enemies despite the larger number of HP given to every player in MW3. These factors make the gun a strong option for fast-paced gameplay in quicker game modes.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Credit: Activision

Best attachments for the SP-X 80:

  • FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Nilsound 90 Muzzle
  • Signal 50 8x Optic
  • Max DMR Precision Stock
  • ZLR Reinforced Lockbolt

After already being such a fantastic weapon, there is very little that can increase its potency. The Signal 50 scope improves accuracy and firing stability, while the Precision stock improves movement speed. The OLE Laser improves ADS speed and shot accuracy despite taking a slight hit at the movement. Overall, these attachments improve the weapon's precision and increase the mobility of fast movement.

2. Longbow

This is arguably one of the best snipers in the game. If we were to describe this gun with a single word, it would be Fast. It is a deadly combination of speed and damage. This results in a fierce force that can be steady and accurate at long ranges but also deadly and fast in close combat situations. This diversity alone makes the Longbow worth trying and making it second on our list. We have a more detailed article about the Longbow and its attachments on our website.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Credit: Activision

Best attachments for the Longbow:

  • XTen Phantom 5-Handstop
  • 10-Round Mag
  • High Grain Rounds
  • SA-M Quickbolt
  • Tac-Brute Suppressed Barrel

The High Grain Rounds increase the damage output, while the Quickblot increases the rate of fire and reload speed. This improves the overall damage of the gun. The 10-round mag, other than having a good number of bullets, also improves stability. With more control and increased damage, the Longbow shines in pretty much every gunfight and can stand up to other weapons.

1. FJX Imperium

This gun is the best sniper rifle in the game right now. The Intervention from the old Modern Warfare 2 2009 has been resurrected as the FJX Imperium. This gun excels at every situation, having great mobility, handling, damage, you name it. It has some of the most consistent one-shot-kills in the game. Safe to say, the Imperium outclasses every other sniper in the game. It has high damage, accuracy, stability, and the greatest mobility despite its bulkiness. The Imperium is a prime example of how a high-damage-dealing sniper should feel like.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Credit: Activision

Best attachments for the FJX Imperium:

  • Nilsound 90 Muzzle
  • VLK LZR 7MW Laser
  • Field-Wrapped Handle
  • 0.408 Explosive Rounds
  • Skull-40 Rear Grip

The Nilsound 90 Muzzle will increase bullet damage and velocity while reducing recoil. The Field Wrapped Underbarrel Handle improves ADS speed which is essential in quick-paced games. The Explosive ammo shots incendiary rounds that shred the enemy's armor and add passive damage as they will be engulfed in flames. Overall, the FJX Imperium has major improvements in all aspects, making it the best sniper rifle on our list.

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Top 5 Sniper Rifles And Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
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