Best Ranged Heroes in 7.32e

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Best Ranged Heroes in 7.32e

You can pick these ranged heroes in Dota 2 games to get the better of your opponents in the recent 7.32e update.

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Ranged heroes have become favorites of Dota 2 teams around the world in the 7.32e patch of the online game. Muerta, Ancient Apparition, Hoodwink, and Morphling are helping players get hundreds of kills in their matches to earn more gold for their team. 

Take a look at the best ranged heroes in the 7.32e patch for getting more kills with your friends in Dota 2. 



Muerta silences her enemies

Muerta is the latest ranged hero to be introduced into the strategy game. She can harass enemy heroes in lanes with her skills and use her guns to deal loads of damage to her foes during battles. The Intelligence hero has a high projectile speed of 3000, letting Muerta nuke enemy heroes during team fights to drain their health from a safe distance. 

She gains an impressive 3.3 Intelligence per level, letting players deal bonus damage with their physical attacks while playing Muerta. People can launch Dead Shots in her lane to hit enemy heroes by ricocheting bullets off of trees and nearby enemy units. Dead Shot deals up to 300 magical damage and sends enemy heroes back to their bases for a few seconds after hitting them. Muerta can release Dead Shots once every 10 seconds, making it easier to attack enemy heroes between waves of creeps. 

Dead Shot requires 160 mana to be used per cast. You can buy an Aether Lens for Muerta to gain 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration. Aether Lens increases the cast range of Muerta’s spells and items by 225. You can purchase an Aether Lens for 2275 gold in the game. 

Players can summon 4 revenants around Muerta using The Calling to silence her enemies in battles. Any enemy unit that comes into contact with the revenants will be unable to cast their spells for up to 3.5 seconds and have their movement speed and attack speed slowed for the duration of the spell. You can increase the number of revenants created by The Calling through the Talent Tree at level 25. 

Muerta can hit 2 enemy heroes with one hit by leveling up Gunslinger. The ranged hero gains a 50% chance to attack multiple enemies with the passive ability, Gunslinger, to get more kills in Dota 2 matches. The Talent Tree grants her an additional 35 damage at level 15, making Muerta deadly to her foes after leveling up. 

You can purchase a Witch Blade for Muerta to increase her attack speed. Witch Blade grants 35 attack speed, 300 projectile speed, 12 Intelligence, and 6 armor for the Intelligence hero. Muerta can deal up to 75% of her Intelligence as poison damage for up to 4 seconds with her attacks after purchasing a Witch Blade in the game. The item costs 2600 gold and can be upgraded into a Revenant’s Brooch for bonus Intelligence. 

She can easily counter carry heroes by using her ulti in battles. Muerta can become immune to physical attacks for 8 seconds by activating Pierce The Veil. She gains an additional damage of 150 while her ulti is active, making her attacks lethal to enemy heroes. 

Muerta can equip an Orchid Malevolence to deal more damage with her attacks. She gains 40 attack speed, 30 attack damage, and 3 mana regeneration after buying an Orchid Malevolence. The item can be bought for 3475 gold. Muerta can cast Soul Burn using Orchid Malevolence to silence enemy heroes for 5 seconds. Silenced enemy heroes take up to 30% more damage from magical spells and physical attacks for the duration of Soul Burn. It has a cooldown of 18 seconds and requires 100 mana to be used per cast. 

People can purchase an Eye of Skadi for Muerta to slow enemy heroes in team fights. Muerta’s attacks can be used to decrease the movement speed and health restoration rate of enemy heroes by purchasing an Eye of Skadi. The item costs 5300 gold and provides 220 health, 220 mana, 22 Strength, 22 Intelligence, and 22 Agility for the Intelligence hero. 


Medusa deals bonus damage to her foes

Medusa is a ranged hero with several spells that can baffle her opponents. Players can activate Mana Shield to protect Medusa against incoming attacks from enemy heroes. Mana Shield absorbs up to 70% of damage per hit and grants a bonus 300 mana to the Agility hero. She can use Mana Shield to guard herself during battles and while escaping enemy encounters in Dota 2 matches. 

You can cast Mystic Snake to hit multiple enemy heroes to deal over 220 damage to them. Enemy units hit by Mystic Snake have their mana drained by 20%. Medusa can nuke enemy heroes with Mystic Snake to empty their mana pool, preventing her opponents from casting magical abilities. 

Players can purchase a Mask of Madness for Medusa to gain Lifesteal for her attacks. Mask of Madness grants 10 attack speed, 10 attack damage, and restores a portion of her health with each attack. You can activate Mask of Madness at any time to gain a bonus attack speed of 110 and movement speed of 30 for 6 seconds. 

Mask of Madness can be tremendously useful to attack enemy heroes stoned by her ulti. Medusa can turn her enemies to stone by casting Stone Gaze during battles. Enemy units disabled by Stone Gaze take up to 55% bonus damage from Medusa’s attacks. Mask of Madness can help Medusa increase her kill counts after maxing out Split Shot for the ranged hero. Split Shot can be toggled on to hit up to 4 additional enemy units per strike, making Medusa a feared adversary. 

You can buy a Manta Style for Medusa to create 2 illusions during team fights. The images summoned using a Manta Style deal 28% of her attack damage to enemy heroes. Manta Style provides 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 8% movement speed to Medusa. The item can be bought for 4600 gold in the game. 

Medusa can equip a Linken’s Sphere to block most targeted spells once every 14 seconds. Linken’s Sphere lets Medusa enter battles without taking bonus damage from magical spells. The item grants 16 Intelligence, 16 Agility, 16 Strength, 7 health regeneration, and 5 mana regeneration  to the ranged hero. Make sure you activate Mana Shield for Medusa to avoid taking damage from physical attacks from enemy heroes in battles. 


Morphling uses Waveform to hit his enemies

Morphling can cruise into battles to annihilate enemy heroes in Dota 2 games. He can strike his opponents with Waveform to deal 300 damage to multiple enemy units in a range of 1000. You can increase the cast range of Waveform by 250 at level 10, allowing Morphling to escape out of dangerous situations within seconds. 

The carry hero can shift his attributes between Strength and Agility freely to gain bonus health or bonus attack damage during team fights. Shifting his attributes to Strength after taking a significant amount of damage can help Morphling survive longer in battles. You can use his ulti, Morph, to cast spells on enemy heroes
to nuke them. 

Many players buy an Ethereal Blade to obliterate their foes with Morphling. He can cast Ether Blast to reduce the magic resistance of enemy heroes by 40% for 4 seconds. Morphling can hit enemy heroes with Adaptive Strike while they are affected by Ether Blast to kill them in an instant. Ethereal Blade can be bought for 4650 gold in the game. Morphling gains 25 Intelligence, 5 Agility, and 5 Strength after buying an Ethereal Blade in battles. 

You can drastically increase the Agility attributes of Morphling by purchasing a Butterfly for the ranged hero. Butterfly provides 35 Agility, 35% evasion, 30 attack speed, and 25 attack damage to Morphling. The item costs 4975 gold. Players can also purchase a Satanic for Morphling to make him an outstanding carry hero in Dota 2 matches. 

Satanic grants 38 attack damage, 25 Strength, and 30% Lifesteal to Morphling. He can activate Unholy Rage to increase the Lifesteal to 175% to counter enemy heroes during battles. People can toggle Attribute Shift between taking kills and pushing lanes to help Morphling achieve victory with his team. 

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