Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 Revealed

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Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 Revealed

Are you wondering who the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023 were? Every season has its stars, so let’s go through each one and see what they offer us.

Overwatch 2 is a game where the meta changes every season. For example, the best DPS heroes in Season 8 are slightly different than those in Season 7. That’s why picking 5 options that stand out from the rest is not as easy as it sounds.

The good news is that we’ve been paying attention to Overwatch 2 through 2023 and analyzed every single season. Some were more interesting than others, but when it comes down to the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023, a few names appeared more than once. We are about to reveal them, but before that, make sure to check our Overwatch 2 2024 wishlist because there are a couple of changes that we hope to see in the upcoming year.


Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 REVEALED

There are a few Overwatch 2 heroes that have been dominating the meta since the new game became available. Some people may argue, but we believe Sojourn is one of them, she is definitely among the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023 and a name that deserves more attention.

There are a couple of things that characterize this hero, one of which is the high-skill cap. She is one of those options where you really need to know what you are doing to be successful. The Railgun shots are deadly and deal tons of damage, but you need to have a good aim to land those headshots.

People who can play with Soujoutn have had little to no problems climbing the ranked bracket. At the time of writing, she is an S-tier DPS in Season 8, so definitely check her out if you haven’t done that so far.


Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 REVEALED

The second of the best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 is Tracer, and it might be a bit controversial for some of you. However, those who’ve been playing with the swift DPS hero know that she can be a devastating option in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

For better or worse, a lot of Sojourn’s negatives and positives also apply to Tracer. Both heroes are swift and difficult to play, but once you master them, you can win in almost any situation. This is especially true for Tracer because she is among the Overwatch 2 heroes that professional players use all the time.

Even though Tracer was not the hottest pick in Seasons 5 and 6, she became a solid option in Season 7 and is an S-Tier in Season 8. 


Even though Ramattra is not an S-Tier hero in our Overwatch 2 Season 8 Tank Tier list, there is no arguing the hero has been on another level. Ever since it was added to Overwatch 2, Ramattra has become one of the hottest picks to get. He deals insane amounts of damage and can go up against pretty much anything.

One of the reasons why Ramattra stepped down from the S-tier is the nerfs that Blizzard decided to give him. Now, he works well, but only in situations where he is able to utilize his ultimate. Nevertheless, his overall performance throughout 2023 has been really good, which is why we’ve decided to add him as one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023.


Speaking of tanks and the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023, we definitely need to talk about Sigma. The latter continues to be one of the top picks in several seasons, so it is no surprise he has to be on the list. In fact, a lot of players consider Sigma to be the most dangerous Overwatch 2 hero right now. That’s one of the big reasons why you see him in action more often than usual. 

Sigma works in many different setups, but if we analyze what players use him most in, we can see that he’s the king of Poke. Sadly, poke strategies are not the best right now because most people focus on diving and brawling. However, once heroes like Widowmaker and Hanzo are back in action, we can expect Sigma to become even more popular than he is. 


Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 REVEALED


Even though Mercy was not among the best in Season 7 of Overwatch 2, overall, she has been one of the most solid support picks in 2023. If we take a look at her stats and performance throughout the year, we can see that she can make a difference. 

Mercy is one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023 because she works well with everything. Besides the infamous combos with the likes of Pharah and Echo, the hero can pair well with pretty much everything. She can be an excellent pocket healer for tanks, an amazing DPS boost for heroes like Bastion and she can revive her allies when they are down. These are just some reasons Mercy needs to be on the list.

Considering the changes in 2023, there is no arguing that 2024 will be an interesting year for the hero. There were comments that the devs plan to change her from the ground up, but making such a drastic change could have a very bad impact on her popularity.


Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 REVEALED

The last of the best Overwatch 2 heroes of 2023 that we want to focus on is Brigitte, and for a good reason. She is one of those heroes that had a slow start to the year, but after Season 5, she quickly became one of the best. This is especially true in Seasons 6 and 7, and she continues to be a popular option even in S8, despite the nerfs.

Brigitte is the best support you can have in a brawl setup because of her damage output and tankiness. Her ultimate is very strong when used alongside a few other big abilities, so it’s no surprise the hero continues to dominate the meta.

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes of 2023 Revealed
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