Best Fade Haunt Lineups on Pearl Defense

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Best Fade Haunt Lineups on Pearl Defense

Turn your enemies into mere spectres of defeat with these Fade lineups

Fade, the mysterious recruit to the Valorant roster. She has gained a great fanbase among the player community for her useful kit since her initial introduction. Some speculate that she could fill in for Sova, which is a big claim but not easily dismissed. She can accomplish many of the same things as Sova but in her unique way. To realise this agent's full potential, a decent amount of time investment in learning her lineups is recommended. In this article, we'll reveal the best Haunt lineups for Fade on Pearl defence that you've never seen before.

Best Fade Haunt Lineups on Pearl Defense

Credit: Riot Games

Haunt Lineups for Early Information

Fade's Haunt is widely acknowledged as one of the game's most effective recon abilities. This feature lets you quickly and accurately identify potential threats hiding in the sneakiest places. Therefore, taking advantage of this agent's capabilities to the fullest extent possible is critical. However, this utility has a drawback: its bulky physical form. In contrast to the Sova dart, its size makes it possible to be taken down quickly. Because of this difficulty, the more dominant Fade must always look for opportunities to surprise their opponents with unique lineups. Having said that, we'll kick off our list with

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A Main Info Haunt

With this super efficient lineup, you can scan for attacking enemies in the A Main area and ask your teammates to rotate for a better chance at defending the site. The opposite is true; if this scan finds no enemy, you can go to the other site and help your teammates in the fight.

image002 2

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Hug the right side of the A Main barrier. 

image003 3

Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.

image004 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a jump throw. The Haunt will land perfectly to scan enemies trying to enter A site.

A Retake Haunt

Retaking A site can be a breeze with some good Fade utility usage. This Haunt lineup for A retake will greatly assist you and your teammates regain site control.

image005 2

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Get stuck in this corner in A Link.

image006 1

Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Aim at this spot with your crosshair.

image007 3

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Lastly, do a jump throw, and the Haunt will scan most of the A site.

B Retake Haunt

When you’re playing Fade, you’ll often find yourself in situations to be retaking B. With her valuable arsenal, you can set you and your teammates up for success. This B retake lineup is guaranteed to bring you value, so try this on your ranked games.

image008 1

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: On B Link, get yourself into this corner.

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image009 2

Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Find and aim at this spot on the wall.

image010 1

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a shift-walking jump throw. It’s easy to execute, and the value it will bring to your team is immense. 

B Support Haunt

This lineup is useful when you are positioned in the B Link area or are a rotating defender from the A site and want to help your teammates at the B site to fight the attackers. This utility will reach the site before you, and by the time you arrive, your teammates will have killed the attackers, thanks to the value of this lineup.

image011 2

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Stuck yourself into this corner.

image012 1

Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Aim at this spot above the second window.

image013 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Do a simple jump throw, and it’ll land to provide plenty of support to your allies.

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Best Fade Haunt Lineups on Pearl Defense
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