Best CSGO Knife Skins Under $100 For 2023

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Best CSGO Knife Skins Under $100 For 2023

Access to interesting CSGO knife skins can greatly affect how much fun you have while playing your favorite game. In fact, some people think that skins are one of the big reasons why CSGO is as popular as it is. After all, the game turned 10 years old in 2022, but this doesn’t stop it from being the leader in eSports and shooters.


While talking about CSGO and skins, we have to point out that players have access to all kinds of options for all weapons. Nevertheless, the knife is the one that stands out because it often has the most expensive and unique-looking options out there. Some of them transfer this weapon from the ground up, which is why they may cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get cool-looking skin that you will enjoy while playing. We’ve prepared a list with the best CSGO knife skins under $10- that you can buy right now, Keep in mind that we’re making this guide in early 2023, which means that there might be even more options to choose from in the future. Of course, $100 is still a lot of money, but when it comes down to premium CSGO skins, we’re just scratching the surface.

Shadow Daggers – Freehand (Field-Tested)

If you want to make your knife look and feel completely different, you should check the Shadow Daggers Freehand edition. Once you get this item, you will have 2 small daggers in each hand, and they will have a purple and white coloration. Moreover, the daggers will have a cool painting, making them stand out.

Users interested in the dagger must be ready to spend around $64. However, it is worth mentioning that this price could change in the future because some skins get a lot more expensive as time goes on.

Falchion Knife Freehand (Field Tested)

The nest Field Tested knife that you should definitely take a look at if you have around $100 to spend is the Falchion Knife. What’s interesting about it is that it it is black and has a bunch of white sketches on it. Although this may not be something everyone is interested in, most CSGO fans will be happy about the knife.

However, before you look for this option, keep in mind that it is slightly more expensive than some options on the list. Usually, you can find it for around $96, but it may cost even more, depending on where you’re looking for.

Navaja Knife Doppler – Phase 3 in Factory New

There are a couple of Navaja Knife in Factory New conditions out there, and they actually come in different phases. That said, Phase 3 seems to be the most interesting one because of its price. Phase 3, as well as Phase 1 are around 96 dollars, which makes them more affordable than the rest.

Even though this skin makes the knife feel a bit smaller than usual, its rich color and cool animation make it unique. If you choose Phase 1, you will have access to more pink colors, whereas Phase 3 focuses more on blue and green.

Gut Knife Autotronic Battle Scarred

Some people will find this to be the most interesting knife under $100 because of its unique form and design. The Gut Knife has no scratches or something else that make him stand out. However, his impressive form and curved edge definitely make him pop, especially compared to the most common knives.

When it comes down to price, this item usually goes for around $98 or $99. However, you might have to pay slightly above $100 to get it, depending on where you go to. The color combination and design will allow you to stand out, so definitely check it if you want something unique.

Keep in mind that there are other versions of the Gut Knife, such as the Tiger Tooth. It usually costs the same, but instead of the classic design, this option has a golden blade and a wooden handle, which makes you stand out. However, it might be too flashy for some of you, so check it before you decide whether it is worth getting. 

Bowie Bright Water FT

If you are not a fan of small knives and want something big and cool-looking, this is an option you should consider. The Bowie knife is notorious for big larger than most other popular options. The Bright Water variation makes this in-game item even more appealing, so definitely check it out if you want to try something different.

In terms of cost, this knife should set you back around $87. Nevertheless, you may find much better deals if you look around. After all, many other options around this prize point stand out.

Huntsman Night

While we are on the topic of big knives that look cool, the Huntsman Night is definitely a solid option. Some people might be disappointed by how it looks because it has no cool colors or drawings. However, this clear-looking skin is aimed at those who like minimalistic designs.

The Huntsman Night in Factory New should cost around $90, but you may find it even cheaper. Just check other options as well because some of you may find this one to be slightly boring.

Ursus Urban Masked 

If you are interested in using a “greyish” knife that looks different than most things you will come across, the Ursus Urban Masked is something you should consider. Although its design might not be everyone’s favorite, you can’t deny the fact that this item has amazing animation. In fact, we think it has one of the best animations on the list, especially considering its price point.

Depending on when you’re looking for it, you should find this knife for under $100. However, there might be some exceptions because we’ve seen it as high as $130.

Best CSGO Knife Skins Under $100 For 2023
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