Best CSGO Galil Skins Under $10 for 2023

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Best CSGO Galil Skins Under $10 for 2023

We've rounded up the best Galli skins in CSGO you can buy for under $10.

After taking a look at some of the best skins for weapons, such as the AWP, Knife, AK-47, and Famas, it is time to focus on another popular option – Galil. Even though the gun does not have as many fans as the others on the list, it has loads of cool CSGO skins.

Similar to the other weapons, Galil's options can be quite expensive. In fact, there are skins that cost a couple of hundred dollars. Fortunately, we are here to show you that there is no need to spend so much money when you can fund a lot of cheaper CSGO Galil skin options under $10.

This article will focus on some of the best cheap skins for 2023 at the time of writing the article. However, some options you are about to see might cost more in the future, so always check the price before buying something.


One of the top-tier CSGO Galil skins you can get your hands on is called Cerberus. The standard version starts from around $6, but you can find up to $570 if you decide to get some of the fancier options.

What’s interesting about Cerberus is that it uses black, yellow, and grey. Aside from the colors, you can find cool artwork of Cerberus himself, the mythical dog. There are also a couple of nuclear signs which make the weapon feel even more special.


Cerberus is great, there is no arguing that. However, it is not for everyone because some might think it is too much. Fortunately, there is a CSGO Galil skin called Connexion that looks cool and is really cheap.

If you decide to get this option, you have to be ready to spend between $0.40 and $1.40. As for the StatTrak version, it can reach up to $3.60. Connexion is a CSGO Galil skin that uses black, white, and orange/reddish accents. There is some kind of artwork, and you can find a “Phoenix Connexion” sign.

Crimson Tsunami

Are you looking for a Galil CSGO skin that is cheap but looks really expensive? If the answer is yes, you should get the Crimson Tsunami. The latter is a unique-looking skin that has some of the best artwork in the game. As its name suggests, you can expect tides and different colors, such as blue, brown, and white.

If you decide to put the Crimson Tsunami to the test, you must be ready to spend around $0.80. Those who want to have a slightly better version and add the StatTrak option will have to pay as much as $5.44.

Orange DDPAT

Despite the fact that there are many skins that can completely transform your Galil, some people want to avoid having a fancy option. Hence, they often opt for the Orange DDPAT, one of the coolest CSGO Galil skins in the game.

At around $9, this is one of the more expensive options on the list. In fact, those who want to StatTrak option will have to pay as much as $320, so it is pretty expensive compared to the rest. However, the skin makes up for it by using black and yellow. What’s cool is that the colors give big pixel game vibes, like what you might find while playing Minecraft.


Some CSGO fans like red and black skins because this is one of the most popular color combinations. If you are among them, you can get the Signal Galil CSGO skin, an option that comes at around $0.50. Besides the fact that it is cheap compared to many other options, it looks cool.

Signal is a skin that uses red and black. However, you can find some sort of artwork instead of plain colors. If you decide to get the StatTrak version of this skin, you have to be ready to pay around $3.

Dusk Ruins

Although some players are fans of the plain skins, others refer to having fancier options. If you are among them and like Galil, you should definitely check the Dusk Ruins. This CSGO skin for Galil uses red, orange, black, and grey, and has tons of cool artwork. You can find leaves, skulls, and even signs of ruins.

If you decide to get the Dusk Ruins, you will probably find it for around $5.60. The Souvenir option can be even cheaper, so make sure to look around before buying. In some cases, it is around $1.20


Despite the fact that many Galil fans like skins that use bright colors, others are fans of minimalistic designs. If you are one of them, the Shattered CSGO Galil skin is for you.

If you decide to use this option, you will see that it is usually around $4. However, we’ve seen it as high as $19 for the standard option and up to $60 for the StatTrak one. So, it all depends on when you decide to look for it.

Shattered is a skin that has a lot of grey and white elements. You won’t find any crazy artwork, but the skin itself looks contemporary and attractive.

Hunting Blind

The last Galil CSGO skin we’d like to share with you is called Hunting Blind. This is another cheap option because it goes for around $0.50, but we’ve seen it as high as $2.00.

This skin for Galil stands out because it uses several shades of brown, and the gun feels as if it is wrapped in crocodile skin. This is definitely something that won’t appeal to everyone, but if you like this like that, this is the best option out there.

Regardless of which CSGO skin for Galil you choose, keep in mind that its price might be different from the one on the list. It all depends on when you’re reading this because some skins in CSGO can be way more expensive in late 2023. 

Best CSGO Galil Skins Under $10 for 2023
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