Best CSGO Famas Skins Under $10 in 2023

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Best CSGO Famas Skins Under $10 in 2023

All the best Famas skins you can grab for under $10 in CSGO.

Are you looking for some of the best CSGO Famas skins in 2023? Finding the best options can take some time, but we are here to help because we will show you some of the best available options. The things you are about to see are all under $10, which means that most of you reading this should be able to afford them.

An important thing to keep in mind before checking the skins is that this article is accurate as of January 2023. We expect to see a lot of CSGO changes this year, including the arrival of many new skins. Moreover, some of the options you are about to see might go up in value, so check how much they cost.


This is a skin that became available from The Italy Collection. It is not the most impressive option on the list because it does not look that good. However, it is close to the original skin because it has a military green look.

The best thing about this Famas CSGO skin is its price. Starting at around $0.04, it is extremely cheap compared to many ot her options. As a result, every CSGO player can afford it.


If you want something that looks slightly more interesting and doesn’t cost that much, the Cyanospatter is definitely a viable option. This CSGO Famas skin costs less than $1, which is not bad for blue skin with a military design.

In addition to the blue mixed with grey, the Famas also has a few black parts, which make it look even more enjoyable. Cyanospatter was one of the available skins from The Lake Collection. Although the regular version is cheap, some more expensive options can reach up to $40.


This has to be one of the most interesting Famas skins for CSGO, especially for people who want something different. Crypsis was a part of the Prisma Case, giving us access to several interesting options.

People who want this CSGO skin have to be ready to pay around $0.13 for the basic version. The more interesting variations can cost up to $1.50, which is relatively inexpensive for such a cool-looking option.

Crypsis will make your Famas have a darkish-brown color and will add a lot of leaves and branches. It is not something that will appeal to a lot of people, but those who want something special will enjoy it.


This CSGO Famas skin usually costs between $1 and $4, making it affordable. Valence is an option that costs black, grey, and orange/red. It also has several cool graphics that will make your Famas look as if it is from the future. 

What’s interesting about this skin is that the Stattrak version can go up to $13. In terms of where it came from, Valence became available from the Operation Wildfire Case. 


There are a couple of legendary Famas CSGO skins, and Spitfire is one of them. This skin has been around for ages, and it is not the best-looking option out there. However, in addition to its legendary name, it features a military design and pretty cool artwork. 

Spitfire became available following the Alpha Collection. What’s interesting about it is its price, which starts at around $3.70. However, we’ve seen some versions go as high as $146, so it all depends on when and where you check for it. Keep in mind that its price might increase even more in the future.


Available from the Chroma 2 case, Djinn is a cool-looking skin that doesn’t cost much. Depending on when you decide to check it out, it can range between $2 and $10 for the standard version and as much as $27 for the stattrack one. 

Djinn is a skin that used space grey and has interesting at work. There are loads of things that look like white females, as well as other graphics all over your Famas.

Rapid Eye Movement

All of the skins mentioned so far are great and will appeal to some people. That said, this CSGO Famas skin is undoubtedly the strangest option on the list, which means that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Rapid Eye Movement is a skin that became available from the Dreams & Nightmares Cases some time ago. Interestingly, the price for a standard skin can be between $2.50 and $15. However, those who have stattrack can reach up to $40.

Rapid Eye Movement is a skin that uses different shades of purple, pink and blue. However, the thing that makes it stand out is the artwork in the form of numerous “eyes”.


While we are talking about attractive CSGO Famas skins, we also have to include Meltdown as an option. This thing became available 2 years ago when The 2021 Train Collection arrived.

Meltdown is a skin that uses black and yellow. However, the skin focuses on the nuclear sign. In fact, you can find it all over your Famas, which definitely makes it look more sinister. instead of standard colors

In terms of how much it costs, Meltdown costs between $3 and $10, which means it is within the budget. However, the price might go up in the future.


The last option on the list is probably the more impressive one because it looks really special. Commemoration is a skin that starts from around $10, but the stattrak versions can reach up to $70.

What’s interesting about this CSGO Famas skin is that it became available from the CS20 Case. What’s more, it makes your weapon look golden and adds unique graphics, such as a map of the world as well as several soldiers. There are even cool signs on the weapon’s handle, which makes it stand out.

Famas in CSGO might not be the most popular weapon, but this doesn’t mean it does not have a lot of cool-looking skins. On the contrary, the gun will let you choose from various intriguing options. 

Don’t forget that 2023 should be a fantastic year for CSGO, so we expect to have even more cool skins. Make sure to follow us for more information, and don’t forget to check the hottest CSGO betting sites out there.

Best CSGO Famas Skins Under $10 in 2023
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