Best CSGO AUG Skins Under $10 for 2023

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Best CSGO AUG Skins Under $10 for 2023

We've rounded up the best AUG skins in CS:GO that you can buy for under $10.

The AUG is one of the interesting CSGO weapons that has been around for many years. People probably remember the days of the AUG meta when this weapon ripped through everything. Although this patch is long gone, AUG is still a popular option, which means you can choose from several interesting CSGO skins.

Some of the best CSGO AUG skins can cost a lot of money, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there aren’t that many people who can afford them. Luckily, CSGO is an amazing game where you don’t need to use a lot of money to get cool skills. 

In this article, we are about to see the leading CSGO AUG skins under $10 that you can get in 2023. Similar to the other articles about the other popular guns, the prizes you see here are accurate at the time of writing. In other words, they might be some changes in the future, so make sure to keep an eye on everything. 


As its name suggests, this is probably one of the most interesting CSGO skins you can get for any weapon. Chameleon is an option that will add a cool artwork of a chameleon sitting on a branch. Aside from the animal, your AUG will also have a brown/black background, which will appeal to a lot of people.

What’s interesting about this skin is that it usually costs around $3.50. However, if you decide to get the StatTrack options, you may have to pay about $20, depending on whether you go for a Factory New or something else.

Bengal Tiger

While we’re on the topic of AUG CSGO skins and animals, there is another interesting option called Bengal Tiger. Unsurprisingly, this skin features tiger stripes that go all over your weapon. However, the artist decided to leave a part of it black, which makes your AUG even more special.

In terms of how much it costs, this skin for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive goes for around $3.45 for the Battle-Scarred version. However, if you want a Factory New StatTrak, you have to be ready to pay $100. To be honest, we're not the biggest fans of this skin, but we can see why some people may like it.

Death by Puppy

It shouldn’t be surprising that this AUG CSGO skin has one of the most interesting names in the game. Death by Puppy is a skin that starts from around $4.50, but people who want the best must be ready to spend approximately $30.

Although you may expect to find different puppies or something related to dogs, this isn’t the case. Players with access to this AUG CSGO Skin will see that the skin offers graffiti-style artwork and uses many colors. You can find green, pink, blue, purple, and more.


All of the skins for the AUG in CSGO mentioned so far are interesting but won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because they’re too fancy. Fortunately, the game has many other options to choose from, and Torque is one of them. This skin uses black, white, and lime green but in a very elegant way that makes it stand out. In other words, it is one of the best options for those who don’t like boring skin but aren’t ready to get something too fancy.

The standard variation of Torque goes for around $5. However, if you want a Factory New StatTrak, it will set you back around $13.50. Keep in mind that the price depends on a lot of factors, including where you’re looking for it.

Amber Slipstream

Although neither of the options mentioned so far is over $10, some skins cost $5 or more, which means that some people may not want to get them because they are too expensive. Fortunately, there are several CSGO Aug skins you can pick from that only cost a couple of cents. 

Amber Slipstream is one of them because the regular version goes for around $0.10. In fact, the most expensive StatTrak option will set you back around $1 to $2, depending on where you’re looking for. Needless to say, this makes it one of the most obtainable options on the list.


Not to be confused with other similar CSGO skins, Plague is an option for your AUG that does not include fancy colors or artwork. This skin is for someone who doesn’t want to have something outside the box and is not willing to spend a lot of money on it.

Plague is a skin that costs around $0.10 for the regular version and goes up to $1.50 for the StatTrak. Besides being one of the most obtainable options on the list, to be fair, it is also one of the most boring ones. Plague is a skin that uses grey/white elements with skill in the middle of the gun. Some people will find it cool, so check it out before going for it.

Tom Cat

If you want a cheap AUG CSGO skin under 10, Tom Cat is one of the options that you should definitely check. Albeit not as interesting as some of the other options, this thing costs just $0.06, which makes it one of the cheapest CSGO skins in the game.

Released in 2020, the Factory New StatTrak option goes for around $1.50. The skin does not offer that many fancy colors, but it has a cool artwork of Tom, the popular cat. Furthermore, there is graffiti, which is something that you won’t find on other options.

 Each of the AUG CSGO skins on the list is under $10 at the time of writing this article. Most of them will remain below this price, but there might be some changes. That’s why it is very important to keep track of everything and check whether the prices will go up or down.

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Best CSGO AUG Skins Under $10 for 2023
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