Best CS2 Binds – How To Optimize Your Play

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Best CS2 Binds – How To Optimize Your Play

Nowadays, CS2 players are looking for all sorts of things they can do to improve their gameplay. Many of them watch guides and the best players in the world, but in the end, they realize they need to practice as much as possible.

Even though that’s true, a few things can help users optimize their play, such as different CS2 binds. The latter is very popular among old-school and experienced players because they use them daily. However, new CS2 fans are usually not aware of them and don’t know how to utilize them properly. 

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CS2 binds for Nades

There is no arguing that the nade CS2 binds are among the most important ones you must have in your CFG. In case you’re not aware, the nades in this game are one of the things that makes a massive difference between good and bad players. There are tons of guides on how to use Molotovs, Flash, Smokes, and so on, so make sure you learn more about them.

With that said, the easiest way to make the most of the nades is to have the right CS2 binds. Speaking of the devil, the first one is pretty simple but highly effective:

  • Bind “ADD KEY HERE” “slot7”

By using this bind, you can have your flashbang on right away and use it without needing to go over all of your nades. Many players press “4” and have to scroll through the other nades before reaching their Flashbang. However, this bind saves time because it allows users to get the Flashbang right away. We’ve added ADD KEY HERE, meaning you can use whatever works best for you.

Aside from the one for flash, you can also get a bind for a Smoke. It’s exactly the same as the one mentioned above, but instead of “slot7”, you have to add “slot8”.  The same applies to Grenades, Molotovs, and so on, just use the different value for “slot”.

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Jump Smoke Bind

Another thing to point out in this CS2 binds guide is the popular jump-smoke option. As you know, jumping and throwing smoke can be extremely important in many situations and on all maps. Fortunately, there is a way to throw perfect smokes all the time, and it’s by using the following bind:

  • Bind “add key here” “+jump;-attack;”

Once ready, you must press CS2 bind, and you will jump and throw your Smoke immediately. 

Standard jump binds

When it comes down to the best CS:GO binds, we also need to include the classic one that allows you to jump with your mousewheel. Believe it or not, loads of CS2 players still use “Space” for jumping. It may seem like this doesn’t make a difference, but in reality, jumping with your mouse wheel can have a massive effect on your overall results.

If you want to try these binds for CS2, you can use the following:

  • Bind mwheelup + jump

Using the bind mentioned above will allow you to jump with your mouse wheel up. However, you can also use the mouse wheel down, so add “mwheeldown” instead of “mwheelup”. 

Radar Bind

CSGO Esports

If you take a look at the CS2 binds Reddit, you can often see that people recommend using something for the Radar. Although inexperienced players may think the latter isn’t important, it makes a huge difference for players. No wonder some of the best in the world also use different kinds of binds.

Speaking of the devil, there is one popular option you should focus on and it’s the following:

  • Bind “add key here” “toggle cl_radar_scale 1 0.3”

This bind will make your radar larger, meaning you can use it more efficiently when you’re smoked or flashed. 

CS2 crosshair binds

Everyone knows that the crosshair is one of the most important things in CS2. In fact, we even have a guide that goes over some of the best CS2 crosshair settings out there.

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There are a couple of binds worth checking out, such as the one that will let you change your crosshair size right away. Not everyone will need it, but it can work well in situations where you need to have a larger crosshair. Here’s how to use it

  • Bind “add key here” “toggle cl_crosshairsize (add the size) 900”

There are different sizes you can choose from, so pick the one that seems the best for you. This is among the popular CS2 binds 2022 because many players started using it.

Other useful binds


One of the CS2 binds that many people might be interested in is the one that removes things like blood and bullet holes. It may not seem that special, but it can work really well in situations where you need a clear vision. That’s one of the big reasons why even some of the best CS2 players are using it.

If you decide to test it, you have to use the following:

  • Bind “add key” ”r_cleardecals”

Feel free to test it to see if it will work for you. Many people use this when they need to focus, which is why they often bind them on their mouse.

When talking about other kinds of binds, we need to mention the CS2 binds for chat. There are a couple of options you can choose from, but they are usually only for fun or to annoy your opponents. For example, many people bind random stuff and spam it using the all chat via the following bind:


How to use your CS2 binds?

If the CS2 bind not working problem is something you’re dealing with, it means you probably haven’t copied them correctly. Speaking of copying, here’s how to use them:

  • Open CS2.
  • Go to your Console.
  • Paste or type the specific bind.

We suggest copying and pasting the bind you want because even the slightest mistake won’t allow you to use it.

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