Best Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Bind

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Best Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Bind

Every Brimstone main should be abusing these incendiary lineups on Bind.

Riot Games was thoughtful about the introduction of Brimstone to the game. The low-skill floor required to play with Brimstone’s smoke ability made this agent a viable pick for any newcomer. Brimstone has clutched his way into the current meta with significant buff and adjustments made to his kit over time. Next time you pick Brimstone, you want to ensure you are just as much of a father figure to your teammates as he is to the agents in the lore. These molly lineups on Bind will surely help you win a lot of rounds, making you feel like you got that thick Brimmy clutch factor working for you. 

Best Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Bind

Credit: TheGamer

Post plant lineups

Ask any player whose primary agent has a grenade/Molotov-like ability what they get the most hate for. The answer is consistently always – the post-plant lineups. But we assure you the hate will seem minuscule in front of the sheer amazement you’ll get watching your RR count go to the sky after each ranked match. That said, let’s dive right into the list of overpowered Brimstone post-plant lineups for Bind starting with

A Default

Here is the most efficient lineup for a plant on A site default credit to YouTuber Snapiex.

Picture2 3

Credit: Snapiex

Step 1: Hug this table in the picture below on the left side of A short

Picture3 2

Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Aim under the letter A (on the left side of A tower), as shown in the picture below.

Picture4 2

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Launch the incendiary, and it’s done. The utility will land quickly, so you can wait for the tapping sound before using this lineup.

A Default from Lobby

Using the same lineup for the same post-plant situation may not be the most effective strategy for a solo queue grinder. The enemies will know your location, and they’ll make a chase to kill you. So as a response to that scenario, we recommend learning multiple lineups for one spot. That makes you more unpredictable, giving your enemies a more challenging time. Look at another lineup for the A default plant we have prepared, which must be utilised from Lobby.

Step 1: Walk towards the barrel into the corner.

Picture5 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Look at your incendiary icon on the user interface and line it up with this tiny texture, as shown in the picture below.

Picture6 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Click the fire button, and the molly will land on A default.

A Boxes

Next on the list is a post-plant lineup for A site Boxes. If you know, you know that the Boxes on A site is a familiar spot for a spike plant. Learning to defend it with some ultra-nerdy Brimstone lineup should be vital on your rank-up journey. 

Picture7 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 1: Hug this corner outside showers.

Picture8 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Find your incendiary icon in the UI and line it up with this antenna, as shown in the picture.

Picture9 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Left click, and your molly will prevent anyone from defusing the spike on A Boxes.

B Default

This entry on our list is a favourite one. B Default is a familiar plant spot on the Bind B site, and the lineup in discussion will keep you safe from enemy aggression. Moreover, the fire will spread immediately when this utility hits the ground without bouncing beforehand. All these things make this one a highly efficient lineup for Brimstone mains to abuse.

Picture10 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 1: Find the fountain on B long lobby and get close to the below spot.

Picture11 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Pay attention to the area (in the picture below) where the leftmost solar panel connects with the one in the middle. A red, almost rust-like texture in that spot must be lined up with your HUD in the following manner.

Picture12 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Fire the incendiary, and it will stop anyone taking the defuse on B default plant spot.

B Default from Hookah

As mentioned, learning only one lineup for the default plant positions is insufficient. That’s why despite the high success rate of our previously discussed lineup, we have come up with yet another one. This one will be useful when you position yourself in B Hookah for a post-plant situation.

Step 1: Find this base of flowers in Hookah and stick yourself next to it.

Picture13 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Aim precisely in the below spot and launch your molly.

Picture14 1

Credit: Snapiex

B Mid Site

B Middle is another common plant position on the B site. Therefore, any sincere Brimstone main is responsible for learning the post-plant lineup for it.

Picture15 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 1: Go to B long near the teleporter and hug this corner.

Picture16 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Aim precisely where it is shown in the picture.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: A simple left-click and watch your enemy cry. 

Anti-plant lineup 

As important as it is to master the post-plant lineups for Brimstone and turn up the clutch factor in your favour, there are extra benefits to learning defensive lineups, which will cancel a spike plant on a given location. Our recommendation for this map is to learn to prevent the A default plant with your incendiary.  The boxes' plant spot on A is wall-bangable, so you’re better off not using your utility there.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 1: Hug this wall on the back side of A.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 2: Line your crosshair with the ceiling, as shown below.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: A well-timed left-click throw will abolish your enemy’s entire execution, sending them straight to the next round. Don’t come at us if they behave extra sweaty because of that.

To sum up, Brimstone is a straightforward agent to pick up and given his highly effective kit, and it is a no-brainer for any promising controller player to master him. With the help of these lineups on Bind, may your journey of becoming the legendary Brimstone player terrorising those who dare come across him gets a massive head start. 

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Best Brimstone Incendiary lineups on Bind
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