Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class Combos

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Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class Combos

What are the Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class Combos? This is what pairs the best between each race and class in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has tons of content to jump into, for your first run though it can be tricky to decide what class to play, or what race. If you’re looking to optimize everything, you’ll want to match your race and class up. By getting the right Baldur’s Gate race class combos, you can unlock a lot more potential out of your characters.

One way to go about designing a character in the game is just to go for whichever race and class are most appealing. The synergy isn’t so big that you’re missing out on a lot by just trusting your gut. However, if you really want to get every advantage that you can there are some pairings which work a lot better than others. The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 race class combos can be a real step up in-game.

Even once you’ve had all Baldur’s Gate 3 races explained, it can still be tricky to put together the perfect character. If you need some recommendations, these are the best Baldur’s Gate Race Class Combos.

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class Combos

The best class race combos in Baldur’s Gate 3 take a bit of time to get to grips with. If you just want a quick recommendation, these are what we think the top combos are. Although, if you want to go a bit further we’ve broken down why each is the best combo below.

Class Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class Combo
Barbarian Half Orc, Shield Dwarf
Bard High Elf, Half High Elf
Cleric Wood Elf, Gold Dwarf
Druid Wood Elf, Gold Dwarf, Githyanki
Fighter Githyanki, Half Orc, Shield Dwarf
Monk Githyanki, Drow
Paladin Gold Dwarf, Tiefling, High Elf
Ranger Wood Elf, Forrest Gnome
Rogue High Elf, Lightfoot Halfling
Sorcerer Tiefling, Half Drow
Warlock Mephisopheles Tiefling, Half Drow
Wizard High Elf, Seldarine Drow

One thing to keep in mind is that humans basically work for any class. They’re a blank slate or jack of all trades. Outside of that though, there are some clear combos that work better.


Best Baldur's Gate 3 Race Class Combos

  • Half-Orc, Shield Dwarf

The barbarian class has a few races which have the very best synergy. The Half-Orc and Shield Dwarf are both built for barbarians, because of their natural advantages.

The Shield Dwarf is probably the standout as a whole. It’s got the best options for combat in this class. The Half-Orc has movement bonuses which can suit a barbarian who wants to be a bit more flexible though.

There are a few other classes which can work okay here, like Human or Dragonborn. However, those two are definitely the standouts at the moment.


  • High Elf, Half High-Elf,
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The Bard Class has a decent charisma value which is going to help you get creative in a lot of the game’s challenges.

The High Elf and Half High-Eld are two classes that make the most out of this. They have proficiencies which allow you to make the most out of this charisma, it’s perfectly suited to the Bard class. Going with a full high elf lets you use the Friends cantrip too which can let you take your charisma even further.

There are other options for the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class combos outside of the Elf. There are Tieflings which work well too. However, the High Elf is clearly the best class race combos for this one.


Best Baldur's Gate 3 Race Class Combos

  • Wood Eld, Gold Dwarf

Clerics are another class which have some natural abilities that can go far. Their best quality is probably their healing powers, but they have other benefits beyond pure support. They have decent Charisma and can worship more than one deity. This lets them open up different areas in the game quite a bit. It does mean there are a couple of clear choices for the best Baldur’s Gate 3 race class combos here.

The Wood Elf and Gold Dwarfs are two classes which make the best Baldur’s Gate race class combos for Clerics. Wood Elves biggest power is their spellcasting, which pairs nicely with the cleric. The Gold Dwarfs on the other hand have stronger defence, which can make a Cleric into a kind of tank. These are the two best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class combos.

Druid – Best Class Race Combos

  • Wood Elf, Gold Dwarf, Githyanki

The Druid has a lot of the same best class race combos for the Cleric. Druid’s main power is shape-shifting. However, they’re also pretty strong when it comes to spellcasting too. Wood Elf and Gold Dwarf have the same benefits here. Although, Gold Dwarfs can also make more out of a Druid’s defensive strengths.

Like with most other classes, a Human can work okay too, and the Githyanki can make a lot out of the base wisdom for Druids.


Best Baldur's Gate 3 Race Class Combos

  • Githyanki, Half-Orc, Shield Dwarf

The Fighter class might not be the most eye-catching but they actually have a lot going on. They’re obviously suited to combat even if you’ve not grabbed the strongest weapons. The best Baldur’s Gate Race Class combos can take them a lot further.

Githyankis can open up support and spelling casting a bit more with Fighters. They’re often agile enough to get around quickly too though. Half-Orcs have different benefits here, like their extra power which can suit if you want to be more of a tank. The Shield Dwarf’s defence has clear advantages too. These are all good picks for the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class combos.


  • Githyanki, Drow

The Monk class has a big focus on melee combat. The Githyanki is one of the better choices, you’ll be losing out with spellcasting. However, the added survivability and combat benefits are going to make them a great fit for melee fights.

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The Drow can take a Monk character in a different direction. You’ll be able to tap into a bit more Stealth here. Both of these are great class combos for the Monk.


Best Baldur's Gate 3 Race Class Combos

  • Gold Dwarves, Zariel Tiefling, Half High Elves

The Paladin is an interesting Baldur’s Gate 3 class. If you want a more traditional experience as a Paladin here then the Gold Dwarf should be your go to. These will help enhance your spellcasting. Another option is to use the Half High Elf for the better Wisdom and Charisma stats. Then there’s the Tieflings. These can help you go down a Dark Paladin route which can be fun.


  • Wood Elf, Forest Gnome

The Ranger class has great tracking, archery, and abilities with animals. Wood Elves are one of the best class race combos with the Ranger class. There’s the obvious synergy for role-playing here along with helping the archery skills.

If you want to go for one of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 race class combos that are a bit less conventional, there are other picks like Humans too. The Forrest gnomes are pretty helpful for Ranger class as well. This type of a build would more pay into the animal side of the Ranger than marksman though.

Rogue – Best Baldur’s Gate Race Class Combos

Best Baldur's Gate 3 Race Class Combos

  • Deep Gnome, High Eld, Lightfoot Halfling

The Rogue is a class you can take it in quite a few different directions depending on your choice of race. The High Elf is an easy pick since they make aspects like Bows and spellcasting a bit better.

Deep Gnomes have plenty of advantages here too. Their camouflage can work particularly well. Another choice would be the Lightfoot Halfling. These can move around with decent stealth and have better dexterity right off the bat.


  • Asmodeus Tiefling, Half-Drow

Sorcerers are another spellcaster class, but ones with some more specific specialization than other BG 3 classes. There are a few races which are the best class race combos here. One is the Half-Drows. These have a lot of benefits for the sorcerer with their stats and abilities. However, if you want something a bit more unconventional then the Asmodeus Tieflings are also pretty useful. These have high charisma which can work great with sorcerers.


Best Baldur's Gate 3 Race Class Combos

  • Mephistopheles Tiefling, Half Drow

The Warlock class has a few picks for the best Baldur’s Gate 3 race class combos which work well. They’re similar to the Cleric in a lot of ways. Most different Warlock builds work the best with Tieflings and Drows. They both have Charisma stats which can make a much more effective Warlock.  Both of these allow you to get your Charisma high as well as getting better Magical Abilities


  • High Elf, Seldarine Drow

The last of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 race class combos is the Wizard. This is a class which has a lot of magical powers and access to the most spells. Elves and Drows are both great picks for the best class race combos here as they’re able to build on that spellcasting.

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Race Class Combos
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