Belong Gaming Arenas announces Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tournament

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Belong Gaming Arenas announces Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tournament

Yesterday, UK Esports Organization Belong Gaming Arena, owned by GAME, announced that they would be working with Bungie to produce the world’s first Gambit Prime tournament.

Gambit Prime

Joker's Wild, Destiny 2's most recent DLC, introduced a brand new game mode called Gambit Prime. Teams of four take part in an intense one round mode of banking as many Motes as they can until they reach 100, of which a giant boss known as the Primeval spawns.

To kill the Primeval, you have to destroy the Primeval Envoys that are based in three potential locations on the map, and they spawn in one of these locations each time. Once all three are dead, you can damage the Primeval until the Primeval Slayer buff runs out. Then you must rinse and repeat the previous steps of the Primeval phase until your Primeval is dead, or the other team has killed their Primeval.

Two teams compete against each other on separate maps, but teams can invade one another's map to fight and kill the enemy team. This slows progress towards spawning and defeating the Primeval.


Belong will announce more details about the tournament during this week, but Belong Gaming Arenas has announced that the qualifiers take place across the country in all of their arenas on the 24th April. The tournament itself starts on 1st May and runs until the 15th May.

This is an exciting time for Destiny fans. Bungie has never involved itself in Destiny competitions before. If the tournament is a success, it could open up many opportunities for more esports events to take place across the globe, and Destiny 2 Esports could potentially become a huge hit.

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