Beastcoast vs Team Liquid Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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Beastcoast vs Team Liquid Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

Beastcoast vs Team Liquid is a game at DreamLeague Season 19 where one of the best in South America has to go face-to-face with the leaders in Western Europe.

If you want to watch an epic Dota 2 match and bet on it, you should definitely pay some attention to the beastcoast vs Team Liquid clash. These 2 teams are two of the main contenders to win this event and get the massive prize pool. However, only one of them will succeed, so this series will be incredibly interesting to watch.

Beastcoast vs Team Liquid Preview

Prior to the Team Liquid vs beastcoast match, the team from Western Europe is in a slightly better position when compared to its opponents. Liquid has 2 victories and only lost its series against Gaimin Gladiators. Sadly, BC wasn’t able to defeat GG and TSM and only had one victory against Evil Geniuses.


Considering the team has 1 victory and 2 losses prior to this match, the clash will be incredibly important. Losing this match can put BC in a difficult position where it will have to bounce back. 

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Team Liquid

Everyone knows that Nisha’s team is one of the best in the world, so most people expect the WEU squad to have no problems against its opponents. Of course, we are yet to see whether this will happen because GG proves time and time again that Team Liquid is not undefeatable. 

Beastcoast vs Team Liquid Predictions

There is no arguing that the beastcoast vs Team Liquid match will be interesting to watch. However, we think that the WEU squad will be victorious because it is just better.

Will we see 3 maps?

Although some people probably expect to see 3 maps in this clash, we think that Team Liquid will secure a clean 2-0 victory.

Towers Destroyed

Assuming Team Liquid wins this match, it will probably do it pretty fast. Therefore, we don’t think there will be more than 9 towers in the match.

Who’ll get the first tower?

Team Liquid will probably get the first tower in this match.

Will Nisha get an Ultra Kill?

Some of the best sites for betting on Dota 2 allow people to wager on individual players. If they decide to punt on Nisha, choosing the Ultra Kill market will offer good odds. Although we don’t know what will happen, the player has been on another level, so he might get it.

How many kills will we see throughout the game?

Depending on each team’s pick, we think that there will be more than 50 kills combined. 

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Net Worth differences

Once the match is over, we think the winning team will have at least a 20k+ net worth advantage.

Who’ll get First Blood?

Team Liquid will do everything it can to get first blood.

Beastcoast vs Team Liquid – Where to Watch

If you decide to open Twitch or YouTube on April 18 at 15:30 EEST, you can watch this match in real time. Make sure to check some of our other predictions. 

Beastcoast vs Team Liquid Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19
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