beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

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beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

Beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion will be a clash between some of the best in South America and North America.

If you’re eager to see the beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion clash at ESL One Berlin Major 2023, now is the time for it. These 2 Dota 2 powerhouses will go up in Group B in their second match of the week. Like the rest, this will be a series that people can watch and bet on, thanks to some of the top sites for wagering on eSports.

beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion Preview 

As you can probably remember, we’ve seen the Shopify Rebellion vs beastcoast match at least several times so far. The games between these 2 powerhouses are always difficult to predict and offer us an amazing experience. Despite the fact it is early on the Group Stage of ESL One Berlin Major 2023, the series is important for both squads.


Before the big match against one of the top teams in North America, BC secured 2 draws following Day 1 of the event. The team wasn't able to defeat the two SEA squads, Talon and SMG. Even though the results aren’t bad, they’re not good either because BC has to win to survive in the group.

Shopify Rebellion

The favorite in the beastcoast vs Shopify Revellion match performed better than their opponents, even though they had tougher opponents. SR started with an easy victory against iG and got a draw versus Team Spirit. This puts Arteezy and the rest in a good position before the clash against BC.

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beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion Predictions

Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop behind the screen during a series with Evil Geniuses

Following these 2 teams’ most recent results and overall performance, we think that Shopify Rebellion will win this match. We may see a draw, but Abed and co. have to win the games where they’re the favorites.

Will BC get first blood?

Despite focusing on getting that First Blood, we think that the South American team won’t be able to make it. SR will try to win both matches and will want to secure the first blood.

Can Shopify Rebellion destroy more towers than its opponents – Yes

Despite the fact that the Dota 2 patch 7.33 had an effect on the importance of the T1 towers,  they are important. We think that the beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion match will be in favor of the latter, so they will probably have more towers.

Who will get the most kills – Abed

Abed is among the best mid-laners in the world, so we believe he will be the player with the most kills in this match.

Will beastcoast make a comeback?

No, we don’t think that beastcoast will make a comeback. Some bookies offer this market as a handicap and the odds will be high, but SR is the favorite.

beastcoast vs Shopify Rebellion – Where to watch

April 27 at 20:45 is when you can watch the clash between these Dota 2 teams. Make sure to watch it live on Twitch or use some of the popular sites for wagering on Dota 2.