Dota 2: Beastcoast in Hospital Due to H1N1

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Dota 2: Beastcoast in Hospital Due to H1N1

beastcoast's Dota 2 team is in the hospital due to contracting the H1N1 virus.

beastcoast are currently the only South American representative at the MDL Chengdu Major. They’ve lost their first game in Groups. Now, they have to fight for their survival against Gambit Esports. However, something way worse happened during the day. Something that may see them leaving the Major prematurely.

What happened?

According to a Reddit post, beastcoast’s players are currently at a Chinese hospital after feeling “ under the weather” just hours before their match against iG. The organization's president, Brian Anderson, shared an Instagram story of himself at the hospital wearing a black surgical mask.

We can only hope that this is an isolated case. It’s definitely not going to be good if the entire squad is feeling under the weather.

ESTNN will provide updates as the story progresses. Until then, be sure to check our recap of day 1 of MDL Chengdu.

Dota 2: Beastcoast in Hospital Due to H1N1
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