Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Noseless Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl

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Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Noseless Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl

Take a look at this guide on how to Win with a Noseless Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022. 

Millions of people worldwide are playing Dota 2 with a zeal to level up faster with the Battle Pass 2022 to earn glorious rewards. The newly released Battle Pass 2022 brings several aspects to the strategy game that makes it a memorable experience for the Dota 2 community. 

You can unlock brand new Mythical Sets for Juggernaut, Crystal Maiden, and Slardar in Cavern Crawl. People can advance through the map of Cavern Crawl to earn treasure chests that provide additional battle points to level up. If you’re attempting to Win with a Noseless Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl, you can use these heroes and tactics to achieve victory. 


Razor uses Plasma Field to slow enemies

Razor is an Agility hero who can use his skills to slow enemy units and drain them of their attack damage. He can chase enemies before they can escape and deal massive amounts of damage to multiple enemy units around him. 

The ranged hero has a base attack damage of 45 – 47. He can strike opponents in a 475 radius and has a projectile speed of 2000 that lets him unleash his abilities at an unprecedented rate. The Agility hero has base stats of 22 Agility, 22 Strength, and 21 Intelligence. He gains 2.6 Agility per level. 

Razor has a base HP of 640 and a base mana pool of 327. You can purchase a Magic Wand after you spawn to get bonus stats. Magic Wand also lets you regenerate health and mana every time an enemy hero uses a spell within 1200 distance from Razor. The item costs 450 gold in the game and can be upgraded to Holy Locket. 

You can take the mid lane to level up faster after choosing Razor in Dota 2. He can roam the map freely with a high movement speed to get early kills. You can equip Phase Boots to increase the movement speed of Razor by 45 and increase his armor by 4. Razor can use the active ability of Phase Boots to gain 10% movement speed boost for 3 seconds. Phase Boots also provides 12 additional damage to Razor. 

Plasma Field is the first skill that you can max out for the Agility hero. Enemy units hit by Plasma Field can take up to 185 damage when the ability hits them. Plasma Field has a range of 700 and slows enemies by 40% for 1.5 seconds. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and needs 125 mana. You can increase the damage of Plasma Field by 30 after reaching level 10 through the Talent Tree. 

Razor has a base movement speed of 280. The ability Storm Surge passively increases the movement speed of Razor which allows him to reach team fights on time. You can upgrade Storm Surge with an Aghanim’s Shard for 1400 gold. The upgraded ability causes Storm Surge to release a bolt of lightning to strike enemies around him when he is hit by physical attacks and magical spells. 

The ranged hero can steal the attack damage of his enemies using Static Link. He can use Static Link to absorb 22 attack damage from his opponents for up to 8 seconds. The attack damage gained from Static Link lasts for a duration of 18 seconds in the game. The ability has a cooldown of 25 seconds and requires 65 mana to be used. Static Link can pierce spell immunity. 

You can use Static Link on heroes with high attack damage to reduce their effectiveness in battles. Heroes like Troll Warlord, Windranger, Clinz, Faceless Void, Huskar, Juggernaut, Legion Commander, Night Stalker, Phantom Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Slardar, Slark, Sven, and Wraith King can be weakened after using Static Link on them. Static Link can also steal attack speed after reaching level 25 with Razor. 

Razor’s ulti, Eye of the Storm, can be used to reduce the armor of enemy units. The units hit by Eye of the Storm have their armor reduced by 1 for every hit. It also deals up to 90 damage to the enemy units each time it strikes them. Eye of the Storm lasts for a duration of 30 seconds and can hit opponents in a 500 radius around them. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds and consumes 200 mana. 

Crimson Guard can be equipped to increase the durability of Razor. The Agility hero gains 250 health, 12 health regeneration, and 6 armor with Crimson Guard. It provides a 60% chance to block 50 damage from physical attacks. Crimson Guard can also be activated to protect teammates from incoming damage for 12 seconds. Crimson Guard costs 3600 gold in the game. 

You can purchase Heart of Tarrasque to turn Razor into a durable hero in Dota 2. Heart of Tarresque costs 5000 gold. It provides 250 health and 45 Strength. Heroes equipped with Heart of Tarrasque regenerate 1.6% of their maximum health. 

Silver Edge is an item that can help Razor enter battles and surprise enemies. Razor gains 52 attack damage and 35 attack speed with Silver Edge. Physical attacks from Razor have a 30% chance to deal 160% of his attack damage as Critical Strike using the item. 

The ranged hero can activate Silver Edge to turn invisible for 14 seconds. Enemy units hit by Razor while invisible will have their passive abilities broken for 4 seconds and take 175 bonus damage. You can improve your chances to Win with a Noseless Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl with the Battle Pass 2022 by equipping Razor with Silver Edge. 

Outworld Destroyer 

Outworld Destroyer uses Arcane Orb to deal Pure damage to enemy units

Outworld Destroyer is an Intelligence hero who can banish his enemies and hit them with Pure damage. The ranged hero can take out multiple enemies with his physical attacks and use his Intelligence to strengthen his strikes in battle. 

The Intelligence hero has base stats of 30 Intelligence, 22 Agility, and 21 Strength. He gains an outstanding 4.2 Intelligence per level. He has 620 HP and 435 mana at the start of the game. You can purchase items that increase the Intelligence of Outworld Destroyer to make him a reliable carry hero in Dota 2. 

He has a base movement speed of 320. You can equip Power Threads to provide 45 movement speed and 25 attack speed to Outworld Destroyer. Power Threads can also increase the mana regeneration rate and the mana pool of the Intelligence hero. 

Arcane Orb is a resourceful ability that lets Outworld Destroyer deal a portion of his mana pool as damage to his enemies. Physical attacks from Outworld Destroyer deal up to 16% of his mana pool as Pure damage to his opponents. 

You can buy Rod of Atos to root enemy units for up to 2 seconds. Players can use Arcane Orb to annihilate enemy units rooted using Rod of Atos. The item costs 2750 gold in the game. It provides 24 Intelligence, 12 Agility, and 12 Strength to Outworld Destroyer. 

Outworld Destroyer might run out of mana quickly after using Arcane Orb during the early game. You can take at least one level of Essence Flux before the first 5 minutes to gain a 30% chance to restore a portion of the Outworld Destroyer’s max mana after casting an ability. 

Astral Imprisonment can be used to disable enemy units for up to 4 seconds. Enemy units affected by Astral Imprisonment will be dealt with 360 damage and have up to 22% of their maximum mana stolen. The bonus mana gained by Outworld Destroyer can last for up to 60 seconds and increase his attack damage in battles. 

Outworld Destroyer’s ulti, Sanity’s Eclipse, can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemy units in a 600 radius. Enemy units hit by Sanity’s Eclipse take damage for each missing mana point compared to the mana pool of Outworld Destroyer. Sanity’s Eclipse has a cooldown of 130 seconds and consumes 450 mana. You can increase the damage dealt by Sanity’s Eclipse and reduce its cooldown through the Talent Tree. 

You can use Orchid Malevolence to increase the attack speed and attack damage of the Outworld Destroyer. The Intelligence hero gains 40 attack speed, 30 attack damage, and a 3 mana regeneration rate per second with Orchid Malevolence. 

Players can use Soul Burn, the active ability of Orchid Malevolence, to silence enemies for 5 seconds. The silenced enemy units take 30% increased damage. Soul Burn has a cooldown of 18 seconds and needs 100 mana to be used. You can purchase Orchid Malevolence for 3475 gold and it can be upgraded to Bloodthorn. 

Scythe of Vyse is one of the most frequently used items for Outworld Destroyer. It can be bought for 5675 gold in the game. Outworld Destroyer gains 35 Intelligence, 10 Strength, 10 Agility, and 9 mana regeneration per second by equipping Scythe of Vyse. It provides an additional 420 mana to the Intelligence hero that can be highly effective in team fights when used with Arcane Orb. 

Outworld Destroyer can Hex enemy units with Scythe of Vyse. Players can use the item to turn enemy units into critters for up to 3.5 seconds. Enemy units that are affected by Hex are silenced and disarmed. You can use Hex to mitigate illusions in battle instantly. Hex has a cooldown of 20 seconds and requires 250 mana. 

Razor and Outworld Destroyer are among the strongest carry heroes you can choose to Win with a Noseless Carry Hero in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022. 

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