Bali Major YouTube Broadcast Channel Banned

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Bali Major YouTube Broadcast Channel Banned

Epulze’s official YouTube channel, which used to broadcast the Bali Major 2023, has been banned

The highly anticipated Bali Major 2023 has encountered an unforeseen hurdle, as the official Epulze YouTube channel, responsible for broadcasting the thrilling event, has been blocked, leaving viewers disappointed and unable to witness the action. Richie “SeekNStrike” Garcia, the Head of Production at Epulze, took it upon himself to communicate the distressing news to the community, highlighting the significance of the situation.

“Hello everyone.Our EpulzeGaming YouTube Channel was terminated last night,” SeekNStrike wrote on Twitter. “We are working to try and get access restored for viewers that use the YT platform to access the streams. For now, you can access the streams on Twitch, as well as on Facebook (main only). Thanks.”

With the unfortunate delay in accessing and restoring their main channel, Epulze had to pivot to their backup channel, EpulzeEN, for all YouTube broadcasts. Despite the setback, the team remained committed to providing an engaging viewing experience for fans, ensuring that the excitement of the events, such as the Bali Major 2023, was not dampened.

SeekNStrike returned to Twitter to let his followers know that Epulze has set up a backup channel. 

“We were unable to retrieve our youtube channel for the start of today. We are currently live on our secondary channel: Kindly RT and spread awareness of the streams for other viewers to find. Thank you”

The caster revealed that the channel's sudden suspension was a result of multiple reports filed by viewers who expressed dissatisfaction with the broadcast in previous days. hese complaints were primarily driven by technical problems that arose during the live streams, negatively impacting the viewers' overall experience. Epulze recognizes the importance of resolving these technical issues promptly and is actively working to rectify them to meet the expectations of their audience.

“At this point, it seems that bad actors in the community reported the channel in response to the difficult days of broadcast that we've had. Its hard to express how devasting of a loss it is to lose all of the previous work and streams we had on there =/”

Bali Major YouTube Broadcast Channel Banned
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