Team Liquid Coach Denies Leaving Room During PSG.LGD Game

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Team Liquid Coach Denies Leaving Room During PSG.LGD Game

Team Liquid William “Blitz” Lee has dismissed claims that his players left the room during Team Liquid’s 2-1 Bali Major Upper Bracket series win against PSG.LGD

It has been quite a controversial day in Bali Major. First, Team BetBoom got relegated to the Lower Bracket after one of their players was found guilty of violating the rules by watching an official stream. Adding to the controversy, Neta “33” Shapira from Team Liquid faced accusations of a similar offense, accompanied by allegations that the entire Team Liquid team left the room during a pause. In response, Team Liquid coach William “Blitz” Lee took to Twitter to firmly deny the allegations directed towards his team.

The 33-year-old first shared a tweet that rebukes the claim that 33 was watching an unauthorized stream. The tweet in question was originally posted by Maria Inverno Gunina, the Strategic Development Director at 9 Pandas. Initially, Gunina pointed fingers at Team Liquid, alleging that their members had gone outside the room during the PSG.LGD series, while singling out Peter for watching an illegal stream. She, however, later retracted her previous allegations after additional information surfaced.

It came to light that 33 from Team Liquid were found to be logging into Spotify during the match, which is also considered a violation of the rules. Consequently, the organizers of the Bali Major imposed a fine on the North American team. The severity of this offense, however, pales in comparison to the transgression committed by Pure from BetBoom.

Blitz then took the opportunity to clarify the situation regarding Team Liquid's alleged departure from the room during a pause in their Upper Bracket series against PSG.LGD. He confidently invited the accusers to review the hotel's security footage to confirm that none of the Liquid players had left the room, reinforcing the truthfulness of his statement.

Team Liquid Coach Denies Leaving Room During PSG.LGD Game
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