Bali Major: Blacklist Defeat iG Despite Being 47k Gold Down

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Bali Major: Blacklist Defeat iG Despite Being 47k Gold Down

Blacklist produced a record shattering comeback against Invictus Gaming to keep their Bali Major survival hopes alive 

The Bali Major 2023 has been a tumultuous affair, captivating teams and fans with its fluctuating fortunes and surprising outcomes. The early days of the group stages proved to be a tough battle for Southeast Asian (SEA) teams, as they struggled to gain momentum, languishing at the bottom of both groups.

As the group stages of the Bali Major 2023 draw to a close, Execration find themselves as the unfortunate casualty, being the only SEA team eliminated thus far. Blacklist International and Bleed Esports, however, have demonstrated commendable perseverance to stay alive in the competition and continue fighting for playoff spots. 

Amidst the fierce battles of the Bali Major 2023, one particular moment stood out and will forever be remembered in the chronicles of Dota 2. The clash between Blacklist International and Invictus Gaming witnessed an unbelievable comeback orchestrated by the Southeast Asian (SEA) team, leaving spectators in awe. This extraordinary feat not only propelled Blacklist International to a crucial victory, leading to tiebreakers, but also etched their name firmly in the storied history of the game. 

Bali Major: Blacklist Defeat iG Despite Being 47k Gold Down

In a nail-biting showdown where Blacklist International's tournament survival hung precariously in the balance, the team exhibited an unwavering spirit and unwavering resolve, defying the odds to engineer a jaw-dropping comeback against the formidable Invictus Gaming. The victory they achieved showcased not only their exceptional skill and strategic prowess but also the indomitable will that propelled them to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Blacklist International found themselves facing an astonishing 48,990 net worth deficit in their first game against Invictus. Undeterred by the seemingly insurmountable odds, the team hatched a daring plan, teleporting into the midst of enemy creeps advancing towards their opponent's base. Their unwavering focus on dismantling the structures and ultimately the Ancient paid off, resulting in a remarkable victory that eclipsed the previous records set by Liquid against Vici at Epicenter 2019 and Nigma against RNG at Bukovel Minor 2020.

Noxville, the Dota 2 community's trusted source of statistical insights, took to social media to shed light on the historical significance of Blacklist International's triumph at the Bali Major 2023. He revealed that the team's staggering comeback marked the most substantial LAN resurgence in terms of net worth since the advent of Source 2 back in September 2015.

Blacklist International's triumph over Invictus Gaming at the Bali Major 2023 not only etched their name in the record books but also held immense consequences for their tournament journey. Locked in a tie for 6th place alongside Shopify Rebellion, Blacklist International's hard-fought victory propelled them into tiebreakers, presenting a golden opportunity to secure a coveted spot in the playoffs and continue their quest for glory.

Blacklist International and Shopify Rebellion now gear up for a climactic tiebreaker match that will determine the final team to secure a place in the playoffs from Group A. With so much at stake, the pressure is immense, as both teams battle not only for glory but also to avoid the haunting prospect of elimination. 

Bali Major: Blacklist Defeat iG Despite Being 47k Gold Down
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