Bafik Criticizes Poor DreamLeague Season 20 Broadcast Quality

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Bafik Criticizes Poor DreamLeague Season 20 Broadcast Quality

Alexei “Bafik” Bafadarov strongly criticized ESL for the subpar broadcast quality of DreamLeague Season 20

Maincast commentator Alexei “Bafik” Bafadarov pointed out flaws in ESL's organization of DreamLeague Season 20, with a specific focus on the subpar webcam angles of certain players. 

“For the past week and a half, we've been looking at Ramzes' ( Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev) hairstyle in a million-dollar tournament. Thanks to the organizers for their excellent work! They have invested a substantial amount of money, and the quality… well, only time will tell. This leads to the question of whether esports will ever achieve the same level of popularity as traditional sports.”

Bafik expressed his dissatisfaction with the camera angles employed during interviews with numerous players. For a competition of DreamLeague’s stature, it’s important to provide a professional and engaging viewing experience for the audience, particularly during interviews where players' reactions and expressions are crucial. Improving the camera angles would enhance the overall production quality and create a more immersive atmosphere for viewers.

Despite receiving criticism, DreamLeague Season 20 has experienced an increase in viewership compared to the previous season. The group stages, on average, attracted 131,926 viewers, surpassing the average viewership of around 109,000 for the group matches in DreamLeague Season 19. 

Notably, the current average viewership of DreamLeague Season 20 has already exceeded the average viewership (114,864) of the entire DreamLeague Season 19. The peak viewership for DreamLeague Season 20 (235k) is yet to surpass Season 19’s peak viewership (268k) milestone. It is important to mention, however, that the viewership numbers are anticipated to rise further once the playoff stage begins. 

Bafik Criticizes Poor DreamLeague Season 20 Broadcast Quality
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