B8 vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2

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B8 vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2

The B8 vs Team DogChamp clash will be a match where two of North America’s underdogs will have to give everything they got.

North America is a region where nouns and Shopify Rebellion dominate the current meta. However, the B8 vs Team DogChamp series will also be interesting to watch because one of the squads has to fight for its survival, whereas the other one needs to make sure it will remain in Division I. Like all other North American Dota 2 matches, this one will be available on all gambling sites provided by ESTNN.

B8 vs Team DogChamp Preview 

If we check the previous results of these Dota 2 teams, we can see that they’re not in the same position. Prior to the B8 vs Team DogChamp clash, Dendi’s team only has 1 victory and it lost 4 series. On the other hand, TDC secured 3 victories and has 2 losses, putting it close to the best in Division I.


Despite having one of the best rosters on paper, B8 is a team that always has problems, even in North America. So far, the squad only defeated Sand King Gomez during Week 1. Dendi’s team couldn’t overcome nouns, TSM, SR, and even ALPHA.

Team DogChamp

Before the Team DogChamp vs B8 clash, MoOz and co. got 3 victories and 2 losses. Unsurprisingly, the squad wasn’t able to overcome TSm and nouns, but it won against felt, SKG, and ALPHA. Even though it is highly unlikely for DogChamp to secure a Major slot, winning this clash will allow the team to be one step closer to making sure it will be in Division I. 

B8 vs Team DogChamp Predictions

Dota 2 Dendi

Predicting the winner in the B8 vs TeamDogChamp is not easy because most people think it will be Dendi’s squad. However, after seeing the two teams in action, we can safely say that TDC is more familiar with the current meta. Therefore, we think that the team will take this.

Is it possible to see a game 3?

Even though it’s always possible to see a Game 3, we don’t think that this will happen. Team DogChamp will be more motivated to win and should be able to do this without dropping a series.

First to score a Rampage?

If we have the chance to see a Rampage in this series, it will most likely be from DogChamp. The squad has the potential to win this.

Who will get to 30 kills first?

If one of the two teams gets to 30 kills, it will probably be Team DogChamp. 

Is it possible to see a kill on Roshan within the first 10 minutes? 

Even though we’ve seen many games where Roshan can die pretty fast, we don’t think that this will be it.

B8 vs Team DogChamp – Where to watch it

This clash will take place on May 31 at 01:00 EEST. You can watch it on Twitch and all of the gambling sites that provide people with a live stream.

B8 vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2
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