Azure Ray and G2.iG Qualified For DreamLeague Season 22

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Azure Ray and G2.iG Qualified For DreamLeague Season 22

Azure Ray and G2.IG qualified for DreamLeague Season 2 after dominating in the qualifiers for the tournament.

In our DreamLeague Season 22 qualifiers overview from a few days ago, we mentioned that the Chinese region will have 2 slots for the event. While it is better than the likes of North America, where there is only 1 slot, China has tons of world-class teams right now, so the battle between them was epic.

We saw a lot of amazing matches, but in the end, Azure Ray and G2.iG were the winners and will be going to DreamLeage Season 22. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Azure Ray’s performance

The big favorite to win the qualifiers was Azure Ray, and it is probably not surprising. Considering that this is the only Chinese Dota 2 team to win a big tournament in years, players were eager to see it succeed. That said, Azure Ray made a third massive roster change in just a few months, so some people did not know what to expect.

Despite the roster changes, it seems like Azure Ray knows what it is doing because it did not lose a single map in the DreamLeague Season 22 qualifiers. The squad defeated Team Zero, G2.iG, and LGD Gaming. The last series was the most impressive one because AR was the underdog against LGD.


The second team from China that will attend DreamLeague Season 22 is G2.iG. Despite being a Tier 2 Dota 2 team for a few years, TI 2 winning organization made massive roster changes for the 2024 season. Consequently, the squad became one of the big favorites, which is evident from its results.

Speaking of results, G2.iG started the campaign by defeating Titan, allowing it to meet Azure Ray. No one knew what to expect in this series, but it turned out to be epic. The first game was almost 1 hour long, whereas the second one was 100 minutes, during which we saw tons of back-and-forth moments.

Losing such a long series definitely had an impact on the team’s moral, but it was not enough to stop them. Instead, G2.IG defeated Team Aster, Team Right, and LGD Gaming to secure second place for DreamLeague Season 22.

The match versus LGD Gaming was incredibly fun and close. In fact, the LGD equalized the match after winning the second game, but G2.iG was more determined to win. The team relied on their Ember + Magnus combo and ripped through their opponents.

Follow us for more information about the DreamLeague Season 22 date and an overview of the event. The other regions will “elect” their representatives soon.

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