Atheris Esports Returning To Rainbow Six Siege

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Atheris Esports Returning To Rainbow Six Siege

After a year of absence, Atheris Esports is returning to competitive Rainbow Six Siege. 

Potential Never Fully Realized

Since hitting the scene in 2018, Atheris Esports was an organization with the potential to make it far in Rainbow Six Siege. Their first two years weren't the greatest, but they started finding their groove in 2020. They consistently performed well in the Campeonato Mexicano. Unfortunately, it was the grand stage where they struggled. 

In the 2021 season, Atheris Esports suffered back-to-back-to-back losses in Copa Elite Six Stage 1, 2, and 3 stages. They finished those tournaments with underwhelming 6th, 9th-10th, and 7th placements. It's not good for the morale to consistently come up short on the grand stage. 

Atheris Esports would have a chance to redeem themselves after placing first in the Six Invitational 2022 – Latin America: Mexico Qualifier. That victory allowed them to compete in the Six Invitational 2022 – Latin America: Closed Qualifier. 

Unfortunately, two mishaps impeded their redemption arc. One of their players, Luís “Guicho” Gómez, was not allowed to fly to the LATAM SI 2022 Qualifier in Brazil due to not being vaccinated against COVID-19. Atheris would circumvent this issue by slotting in Francisco “Royz” Guillén in Gómez's place. But before they could redeem themselves, the LATAM SI 2022 Qualifier ended up shut down due to safety procedure breaches. 

After some delays, the LATAM SI 2022 Qualifier eventually took place in Sweden. But Athetis Esports didn't wait that long and released their Rainbow Six Siege roster, manager, and coaching staff in mid-January last year. Their roster would stick together and compete in the LATAM SI 2022 Qualifier under the name Akave Esports, where they managed a respectable 3rd-4th place finish. The LATAM SI 2022 Qualifier would be Akave Esports' first and last tournament together. 

Guess Who's Back

On March 2, Atheris Esports posted a tweet announcing their return to Rainbow Six Esports. It's a welcome comeback, but the obvious question now is who will represent Atheris Esports. Of their former roster, only MKing, GOKU, Bersa, and Novys are inactive and presently unsigned. SkMzY and Physicz are now with Six Karma, and Royz and Guicho are on Team Cruelty. If Atheris wants to jump back into Rainbow Six Siege quickly, I assume they will be revealing their roster sooner rather than later.

Atheris Esports Returning To Rainbow Six Siege
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