ATF Talks About Quest Exit

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ATF Talks About Quest Exit

Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf has opened up about his sudden Quest Esports exit

Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf provided his perspective on the events that led to his departure from Quest Esports and clarified why he would not compete in the forthcoming Riyadh Masters 2023. Ammar revealed that Quest Esports declined to extend the loan agreement with Nigma Galaxy, and instead proposed a contract to ATF that tabled terms the player could not accept.

What Did ATF Say About His Quest Departure?

ATF revealed that he recently decided to withdraw from the highly anticipated Riyadh Masters due to a contract disagreement with Quest Org. After Bali Major, the player's loan agreement with Quest Org ended, and the organization chose not to extend it, without specifying reasons. Quest Org presented a contract to the ATF that did not meet his expectations. Faced with an ultimatum, the 18-year-old had to decide between signing the contract or being replaced by a stand-in. Ultimately, he opted not to sign, despite having participated with Quest Org during the Riyadh Masters MENA qualifier. 

Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, therefore, is not listed as a member of Quest Esports for the upcoming Riyadh Masters 2023 tournament. Taking his spot is Abdimalik “Malik” Sailau, the offlaner from Natus Vincere. 

What Did Nigma Galaxy Say About ATF Leaving Quest? 

Nigma Galaxy issued an official statement after the contract talks between ATF and Quest Esports fell apart. 

The recently promoted WEU Division I side emphasized that they always prioritize their players, even if it creates a competitive disadvantage for them. The decision was reached that it was in ATF's best interest to compete in Riyadh and the TI Qualifiers with Quest. Nigma Galaxy say they made extensive efforts to make the arrangement work, and they are incredibly disheartened that it came to a premature end. They, however, did not mention whether ATF will play for Nigma Galaxy now, or will stay as an inactive member before finding a new team. 

ATF Talks About Quest Exit
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