Astralis Group’s Stocks Lost 18% of their Price Since the IPO

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Astralis Group’s Stocks Lost 18% of their Price Since the IPO

Astralis Group, the parent company of Origen, Astralis and Future FC riveted the attention of the esports community in late 2019 with their announcement of Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the First North Stock Market. Unfortunately, they haven’t found any success with it yet.

A month after Astralis’ IPO was announced, the price of their stocks decreased from 8.95 Danish Krones (~1.33 USD for 12th of January) to 7.30 Danish Krones (1.09 USD), which is about 18%.

For the first few days after IPO stocks fell, they fell to 6 Danish Krones per the security. Thankfully, the situation later realigned and stabilized.

Astralis Group has never been profitable in its history yet, and it’s hard to expect short-term income in the esports industry as a holding that owns esports organizations.

However, the esports industry keeps growing and it’s possible to expect a stable growth of shares in the long-term perspective.

Slava Britvin
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