Astralis fe Release All But One Member From The Roster

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Astralis fe Release All But One Member From The Roster

Aurora “⁠aurora⁠” Lyngdal remains the only surviving member of the old Astralis fe roster

Astralis fe have announced that four players will leave the team’s main roster and Aurora “aurora” Lyngdal will be the sole survivor of the previous quintet. The Danish organization want to build a Danish majority new roster centered around the 27-year-old Norwegian. 

Héjja “⁠kezziwow⁠” Kászandrá, Selin “⁠spike⁠” Sinem Alak, Yoana “⁠Joanana⁠” Vlaykova, and Luna “⁠ManeschijnX⁠” Akkermans are the players who are leaving Astralis fe. The latter joined the team only two months ago, while the trio of ⁠kezziwow⁠, spike, and Joanana donned the Astralis fe shirt for the first time in September 2022. 

Astralis fe Release All But One Member From The Roster

Credit: @AstralisCS

Despite their affiliation with the prestigious Major-winning brand for eight months, Astralis fe encountered difficulties in achieving remarkable success. One significant setback was their failure to secure a spot in ESL Impact Katowice, as they finished in joint-last place in the online qualifiers.

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The ESL Impact League Season 3 proved to be a demanding test for Astralis fe's European roster, as they navigated through a field of tough opponents and finished in the 9-10th position. Amidst the challenges, however, they showcased their resilience with a remarkable 2-1 victory against the MVP team, now known as Spirit fe. This outstanding performance stood out as their shining moment featured on HLTV during their memorable eight-month journey with the organization.

Astralis fe's roster rebuild takes place right before the highly anticipated ESL Impact League Season 3 Finals in Dallas, Texas, scheduled for June 2-4. aurora and company will also participate in the next installment of the women’s circuit and the ESL Impact League Season 4 Finals. The organizers did not disclose the schedule for the upcoming women’s circuit. The ESL Impact League Season 4, on the other hand, will see eight top European teams convene in the Spanish city of Valencia in December 2023.