Astralis Coach Happy With Brazy Party Group Stage Performance

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Astralis Coach Happy With Brazy Party Group Stage Performance

Astralis coach Peter “castle” Ardensköld is proud of his team for securing the Brazy Party playoffs following a failed Paris Major 2023 qualification campaign

After coming out of the Brazy Party group stage with a playoff qualification pass, Astralis coach Peter “castle” Ardensköld sat down with the club’s media team to share his thoughts on the team’s performance. 

Castle believes the arrival of Alexander “Altekz” Givskov has had an immediate impact on the team. The rifler has inspired the team to bounce back from their Paris Major 2023 European RMR disappointments and qualify for the Brazy Party playoffs. Castle, however, also acknowledged that there is still a long road ahead if Astralis want to become the team to beat in the global CSGO scene. 

“The goal was to get to the playoffs, and now we've done it, so, of course, we're very happy. Much of what we've been working on has worked, and we've done well on several maps.

Altekz immediately got into this team and showed what, as we already know, he is capable of and what we expected. We still have a lot of work to do, but the game against ENCE was excellent for everyone on this team. No one failed, and that's precisely what we want from this team: everyone takes responsibility and dares to be decisive.”

He also touched on the team’s Paris Major 2023 heartbreak. 

“We were hurt after we failed to qualify for the Major. But this irritation cannot be helpful, especially since we have to hold three important tournaments in the summer. The first stage is already going according to plan, and we can use it to move forward. I am very proud of the guys.”

How Altekz Has Impacted The Team

Altekz provided the much-needed spark Astralis needed to recover from their European RMR woes. The 19-year-old has lifted the team’s spirits with his brilliant gameplay and contagious self-belief. Astralis have been playing with renewed confidence on the servers since Altekz’s inclusion. His solid understanding of Astralis's game structures, having passed through the organization's academy, has helped him to hit the ground running. 

Since castle previously worked with Altekz at Astralis Talent, he has been able to bring out the best in the young rifler. Altekz seems to be the perfect firepower addition to Astralis’ ranks, but will he crumble under pressure when the stakes go higher, like playing in the Brazy Party playoffs? Only time can tell. 


Astralis Coach Happy With Brazy Party Group Stage Performance
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