Arteezy Not A Fan Of Europe Servers: Fact Or Satire?

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Arteezy Not A Fan Of Europe Servers: Fact Or Satire?

The Shopify Rebellion star says the Europe Dota 2 server is trash, but did he really mean it? 

Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, the esteemed Dota 2 player and carry for Shopify Rebellion, has finally returned to the streaming world following a prolonged absence, triggering waves of excitement among his fans. In his recent stream, he revealed which server he prefers between the North American and European ones. While the North American (NA) Dota 2 scene is often criticized for its perceived lack of quality in pub games, Europe (EU) has maintained its reputation as a dominant region, with European teams consistently showcasing remarkable performances in the professional Dota 2 arena. Arteezy's recent stream comments have caused quite a stir, as he expressed a surprising perspective on the pub games in North America (NA) and Europe (EU). Departing from popular belief, Arteezy confidently stated that European pubs are lacking in quality, going so far as to claim that playing in the EU region is relatively easier compared to NA.

“I always play US East server because Europe is trash. My boy Quinn you know, he just goes to Europe and sh*ts on everyone. It looks like it's actually easier to play in Europe server than NA. Because in NA you have your teammates trying to throw, like ruin the game, so you kind of have this 1v9 mentality every game you play. But in Europe, you actually have teammates, so,”

Arteezy’s comments have caught many off guard, but there is a possibility that he was being sarcastic. The way he said it made it sound like a whimsical overstatement. 

It is important to highlight that Arteezy had previously taken to Twitter, expressing dissatisfaction with the US East servers by labeling them as “dogsh*t” and urging Valve to improve the servers. Considering these past instances, there is a strong possibility that his recent remarks about European pubs being “trash” and comparatively easier in NA are intended more as tongue-in-cheek remarks rather than literal observations.

Arteezy Not A Fan Of Europe Servers: Fact Or Satire?
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