Arteezy Names The “Scariest” Berlin Major 2023 Teams

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Arteezy Names The “Scariest” Berlin Major 2023 Teams

The Shopify Rebellion carry highlights two teams as the strongest Berlin Major title contenders

After an intense run at the Berlin Major 2023 group stages, Shopify Rebellion and OG emerged as top performers, securing Top 4 finishes and securing their spots in the upper bracket of the playoffs. 

OG, in particular, have been the most impressive team to watch in the competition, even though they entered the fray without two of their regular players. It's also quite impressive how Shopify Rebellion has performed despite the limited time they had to practice with their new mid-laner Abed “Abed” Yusop in the new patch.

Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, Shopify Rebellion’s carry player, discussed his team’s Berlin Major 2023 journey and their upcoming match against OG in a recent interview. 

What Did Arteezy Say About Shopify Rebellion’s Title Rivals? 

The 26-year-old labeled OG and Tundra as the “scariest” teams in the tournament. 

“I would say we’ve probably played the scariest team. I think Tundra is the scariest team. The second hardest would probably be OG. I know OG is on fire right now. Looks like MinD_ContRoL is owning, so I’m happy for him cause he’s not been doing so well these days. I’m excited to play against MinD_ContRoL, it’s been a while.”

Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov, the stand-in for OG, also discussed his thoughts on the upcoming match against Shopify Rebellion and replied to Arteezy’s comments. 

“We’re gonna play Shopify Rebellion later and I know Arteezy wants to beat me up but I won't let that happen. I will stand up and fight him. Let’s see what happens later.”

Despite securing upper-bracket playoff spots, Arteezy believes Shopify Rebellion’s run has been lackluster as they are still getting used to the changes in the new patch. 

“I would say our results in the group stage are going average. I would say we don't know what exactly what to expect since we’ve only played few games on this patch as a team and we had about one day to scrim with Abed. We’re learning every game we play. It’s very similar to Dreamleague to some extent where we’re just entering every game and trying to figure out what is the best way to proceed against a team. We’ll lose a game, we’ll win a game. The goal is definitely to just get past to the Top 4.”

OG remain unbeaten in the group stages, while Shopify Rebellion stumbled only once, as both teams secure an upper bracket berth in the playoffs. OG have completed their group stage games, while Shopify Rebellion still have one game left to play against Xtreme Gaming, but their position in the rankings is already confirmed. 

The excitement is building as the Berlin Major playoffs kick off on May 1st, and fans are eager to see how Shopify Rebellion and OG will perform in the upcoming matches.

Arteezy Names The “Scariest” Berlin Major 2023 Teams
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