Arteezy Names Gaimin Gladiators As The Best Dota 2 Team

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Arteezy Names Gaimin Gladiators As The Best Dota 2 Team

Shopify Rebellion star Arteezy feels no other team in the current Dota 2 scene can challenge Gaimin Gladiators, who won back-to-back Majors lately, for the best team crown 

During a recent live stream, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, a prominent figure in the Dota 2 community, was prompted by his viewers to share his opinion on the top team in the current competitive scene. Arteezy didn't hesitate and instantly declared Gaming Gladiators as the clear choice. The Shopify Rebellion carry player provided an insightful take on GG’s hero picks in his response, highlighting Quinn “Quinn” Callahan's impressive prowess with Pangolier and Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard's noteworthy success with Doom. Adding a touch of humor, Arteezy playfully speculated that Quinn might be venturing into new territories, seeking greater excitement beyond his notable performances with Pangolier.

“The best team in my opinion? Well, it's very obvious, it's Gaimin Gladiators. Very clearly the best team. Is that Quinnao (referring to Quinn) in the chat room? It cannot be. I mean Quinn knows Pangolier is broken as f*ck. He probably is bored of just Swashbuckling (Pangolier’s first skill) people, he’s won two majors by Swashbuckling, literally. Ace has won two by Dooming (Doom’s ultimate skill) and Quinn has won by Swashbuckling, so I'm pretty sure he's tired of it. I don't think he wants to win 3 majors by Swashbuckling, maybe he wants to win with Void Spirit now.”

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Arteezy, in a playful manner, commented on Quinn's successful “Swashbuckling” performances that led to two major victories. He, however, also humorously hinted that Quinn might be growing tired of winning with Pangolier and expressed his belief that Quinn may aim to secure the next major triumph with Void Spirit.

Arteezy Names Gaimin Gladiators As The Best Dota 2 Team
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