Arteezy Irritated by Dota 2 US East Servers

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Arteezy Irritated by Dota 2 US East Servers

The 26-year-old pleads Valve to ban grifters from the US East servers and make them suitable for professional gaming 

Shopify Rebellion’s carry Artour “Arteezy” Babaev believes that the US East server is in the worst state ever, pointing to griefers and a scarcity of professional players as contributing factors. The Canadian-Uzbek took to Twitter to urge Valve into mitigating the issue, calling out the servers and commenting – “US East is the most d*gsh*t it has ever been”.

The Dota 2 competitive scene in North America (NA) has always shown promise but the failure to form strong teams has prevented it from reaching the same level as other regions whose teams have improved significantly over the past few years. 

It is impressive that despite the poor reputation of NA Dota 2 teams, Shopify Rebellion managed to compete against the strongest teams from other regions and earned fourth place in the Lima Major.

While somehow Arteezy and his squad managed to pull it off, the carry player broke his silence about professional players abandoning the region and griefers crowding the US East servers. In his tweet, he expressed his frustration with hackers and also mentioned the lack of competitive teams in the NA region.

According to reports, the US East servers have hit an all-time low, leading players to leave the region in search of better odds and a chance to participate in high-stakes Dota 2 competitions elsewhere. Arteezy pleaded Valve to intervene and improve the state of the servers. 

Responses to his tweet seem to have divided some Dota 2 enthusiasts while others asked Arteezy to elaborate on it through his next live stream. 

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Arteezy Irritated by Dota 2 US East Servers
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