Apex Legends Season 13, Split 2 Start Date Revealed

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Apex Legends Season 13, Split 2 Start Date Revealed

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the start date for the Second Ranked Split in Apex Legends Season 13.

When does Apex Legends' Season 13 Split 2 Start?

Season 13 Ranked Split 2 starts on Tuesday, June 28 at 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT.

Apex fans grind to reach the highest rank possible before each Split ends. Splits divide each season into two or more parts, with a soft ranked reset at the end of each Split. Still, this time, Respawn has gone softer on players, dropping 6 ranked tiers instead of the usual 8. At the end of Season 13, players will receive rewards based on their highest ranking across both splits, 1 & 2. On the other hand, Ranked has a lower entry cost of 10 RP at all tiers, making it easier for players to grind ranked without worrying about the high RP cost. 

Besides introducing a reworked ranked system that focuses on making teamwork a crucial aspect in being rewarded, rather than individual skill, Respawn is rewarding Apex fans 40 to 60 more RP in matches with a higher kill total. After including a demotion feature in the new rank mode that demoted players, the developers have also increased the amount of RP required to advance to the next ranked division by 200 RP across all tiers. 

With the latest Split, Respawn Entertainment has increased the RP rewarded to each player for high elimination wins and several other rank rewards that depend on the ranked tier achieved.

  • Ranked Icon
  • Ranked Icon Gun Charm
  • Diamond Dive Trail (Diamond-rank reward)
  • Masters Dive Trail (Masters-rank reward)
  • Predator Dive Trail (Apex Predator reward)

When does Apex Legends' Season 13 End?

While there is still no official word from Respawn Entertainment regarding an end date for Apex's current season, Season 13, we believe it will most likely conclude at the start of August. Apex fans have a lot of time until the next season to get to the highest rank tier and have rewards for the same distributed at the start of next season, Season 14.

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