APEX News: World Records, New Guns, and free Twitch Prime Packs

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APEX News: World Records, New Guns, and free Twitch Prime Packs

It’s been a busy week in the world of Apex News. Respawn is pushing patches left and right. People are breaking world records all over the place. New guns are incoming to King's Canyon. Let's jump right in.

It Might be Time to Cry Havoc

First off today, Respawn released a little tease for a new gun which looks to be an Assault Rifle that uses energy ammo during yesterday's Twitch Rivals.

Last week, game code revealed the word “Havoc,” prompting rumors that there might be a new gun on the way,  The tease on the Respawn Twitter contains the tagline “Get ready to cry havoc,” meaning it is likely this is the same item mentioned in the code.  Respawn said it is “coming tomorrow,” but it is unclear if that means that Respawn will release the weapon or only officially announce it.  Additionally, if the early leak of Havoc turns out to be true, it lends credence to the other leaks we’ve heard about in the recent weeks, like a new map and solo queue. Apex seems to be setting a fast pace for its updates, so this could be the first of many updates in the pipeline for the BR. The first season of Apex Legends will start in March.

Twitch Prime Incoming

Respawn also announced that Twitch Prime and Apex legends will be teaming up! If you have Twitch Prime, you can connect your EA and Twitch accounts and get five Apex Packs and an exclusive Pathfinder Skin. The promotion is live now.

In Other Apex News, We have a New Champion

Finally, earlier this week former Houston Outlaws player “Mendo” broke the Apex Legends world record for single-game kills with 36. Perhaps even more impressive than his kill count, Mendo did all of that damage in only 18 minutes. Oh yeah, and did we mention he did it all basically solo? You can watch all of the crazy action here (Warning: NSFW Language).


Keep checking back here for more Apex Legends news, and don’t forget to check out the ESTNN Daily, a brief recap of all of the esports news that happened throughout the day.

Image Via: Respawn and Twitch Prime

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