Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Event Details

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Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Event Details

A collaboration you never saw coming; Post Malone is teaming up with Apex Legends.

Starting November 7, there will be a 2-week collaboration event with global music superstar Post Malone. Here's everything coming in the event.

Three Strikes: New Limited-Time Mode

A new LTM is coming to Apex Legends for the Post Malone Collaboration Event.
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Prone to dying a lot in Apex Legends? After the start of the Post Malone collaboration event, it'll be Better Now, as Three Strikes will be live.

Three Strikes will be a new LTM where the squad gets three lives (A nod to three strikes, and you're out from baseball). Rival players can knock you down but can't knock you out until they knock out everyone on your team. When that happens, you all revive one POI away from the squad wipe location and lose a strike. Three Strikes and you lose the match.

Revives will happen much faster in Three Strikes than normal, and you'll also respawn with your loadout intact. Use this chance to improve your Reputation in your Apex Legends Circles.

Two 1.5X XP Boost Events

From November 10-November 12, there will be a 1.5X XP boost active on all XP you gain. From November 17-November 19, this XP boost will be active, but only in Three Strikes.

Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Event Cosmetics

Some new cosmetics will be dropping during the Post Malone collaboration event, and Post Malone himself had a hand in their designs. Some will make you look like a Rockstar, others like a Psycho. Post Malone helped design cosmetics for some of his favorite Legends, including Octane, Lifeline, Wraith, and Horizon.

The Post Malone Collaboration Event will offer cosmetics partially designed by Post Malone himself.
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment.

 Each character will have a bundle costing 3K Apex Coins. 20 stickers will be available at 300 Apex Coins a piece or the complete 20-pack bundle for 6,000 Apex Coins. Players who unlock all 20 stickers will receive three bonus Legendary stickers to give heals and shields more ink.

Apex Legends has never seen an event like this before, and we don't know if players will ever have a chance to get these cosmetics again. Given how Apex Legends typically works, I wouldn't count out the odds of a rerun, though you shouldn't expect one anytime soon, even if it happens. If you want these Post Malone cosmetics, you should jump on them immediately.

Post Malone Reward Shop & Camo Credits

Earn Camo Credits to use in the Post Malone Event Reward Shop.
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

An exclusive Post Malone Reward Shop will be up and running during the Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Event that uses event Camo Credits. Players can earn up to 285 Camo Credits per day from Daily Challenges. You can use Camo Credits in the Post Malone Reward Shop to purchase event cosmetics, buy limited quantities of Battlepass Stars, or Ignite Sweepstakes Tokens.

Players can use Ignite Sweepstakes Tokens to give themselves additional entries in the Ignite Sweepstakes Bomber Jacket Giveaway. Respawn Entertainment is giving away Wraith-inspired Bomber Jackets to 250 lucky winners. Players can purchase up to five Ignite Sweepstakes Tokens daily with their Camo Credits for one additional sweepstakes entry per token. There aren't enough Camo Credits to buy everything, so spend them wisely.

You will also have the chance to unlock four different variants of the Apex Legends X Post Malone Event badge during the event period by completing challenges and earning currency.

Twitch Drops

Watch select streamers during the Post Malone event to earn exclusive Twitch drops!
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

By watching select streamers during the Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Event, you can earn exclusive Twitch Drops. 

There will be five Twitch Drops in total:

November 7-14: Watch 1 hour for Weapon Charm 1

November 7-14: Watch 1 hour for Holospray 1

November 14-21: Watch 1 hour for Weapon Charm 2

November 14-21: Watch 1 hour for Holospray 2

November 14-21: Watch 1 hour

Make sure you have your EA and Twitch accounts linked before the event goes live.

The Best Apex Legends Collaboration Ever?

I don't know about you, but I may be saying my Goodbyes to my social life on November 7. I'm Gonna Be Cooped Up and grinding out this Post Malone Collaboration Event. Will you?

Apex Legends x Post Malone Collaboration Event Details
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