Apex Legends: TSM Sign Snip3down And gdolphin While Albralelie Retires

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Apex Legends: TSM Sign Snip3down And gdolphin While Albralelie Retires

TSM announced roster moves ahead of Albralelie retiring from Apex Legends.

TSM, one of the best teams in competitive Apex Legends have made two huge moves to their esports roster. Mac “Albralelie” Kenzie Beckwith; one of the three iconic members of TSM’s Apex roster has retired to pursue a career in streaming and Valorant. Beckwith’s departure means a spot has opened with Eric “Snip3down” Wrona taking his place alongside Martin “gdolphin” Skrydstrup taking the coach position.

The TSM Apex Legends roster is one of the more popular Apex Legends teams in the world and they have one the most decorated team in the esport. The team is the only team to win an international Major, earning five consecutive titles from late 2019 to early 2020.

TSM’s Apex Legends roster has gone through a bit of a slump in the last few months. The likes of CLG taking the North America Super Regional Final is the most recent example of other big NA names becoming more competitive. At the same time, teams like Complexity, Rogue, Liquid, NRG have stepped up their game.

However, throughout their slump, TSM has revitalized the way Apex Legends is played. They're one of the first teams to reshape the meta; with a tournament win with Revenant, Crypto, and Wraith.

Albralelie's parting comments

Unfortunately, the TSM roster is now parting ways. Beckwith released a twitlonger stating the reasons why he feels a move into Valorant is the right move for his career. A combination of stress, anxiety, and low mood is why the career switch is needed. Which could explain TSM’s drop outperformance as of recent.

“I am far too anxious about the future of Apex to feel comfortable staying in the scene.” Beckwith said in the post. I've voiced my opinions on this on stream a few times about how Apex feels like a sinking ship to me and well, its time for me to get off before I sink with it.”

Apex Legends initially intended for its breakout esports year to happen in 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined EA’s and Respawn’s vision for their competitive game. The Apex Legends Major One was cancelled just days before the event was set to go ahead, and online cups have only partially satisfied the competitive hunger of the players. With no end in sight for the pandemic, the Apex Legends esports scene is still hopping online with newly created online events designed to simulate regional majors somewhat.

TSM sign Snip3down

With TSM a man down they have signed free-agent Snip3down to the roster. The player has competed on a variety of rosters, stepping in for Rogue and winning trophies at the same time. His competitive history doesn’t stop there, he's also spent time in the Halo competitive scene. TSM has acquired one of the best players for the role and no doubt he will fit the team with Martin “gdolphin” Skrydstrup’s coaching. TSM is aiming to get back on top with these new signings. And they'll no doubt be gunning for great results in the Apex Legends Autumn Circuit.

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