Apex Legends Strategy: How To Choose A Character That Will Help You Win

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Apex Legends Strategy: How To Choose A Character That Will Help You Win

In terms of characters variety, this battle royale is a truly unique game of this genre. If we take a look at some other popular games like Fortnite, we can also see a range of characters, but they only look different. This means that your success doesn’t depend on the character you select.

In Apex Legends, everything is different. Here, the Legends are different not only by their appearance but also by their skills and powers. Thus, your performance is mostly defined by who you play with.

How To Pick A Character That Will Match Your Style?

Obviously, the first step you have to make is to study the stories and highlights of every Legend. This will give you some hints on what benefits each of them can give you during the battle. Thus, first of all, spend a few moments on reading the characters’ specs.

Once you have a general idea of what abilities every Legend has, keep in mind the factors described below to define which one you should pick:

  1. You have to consider the two other characters on your team – all three must complement the skills and strengths of each other.
  2. You must keep in mind your playstyle.
  3. You have to know how to apply the character’s abilities for your benefit.

Note: if you are struggling to decide which Legend to use, consider looking at Apex Legends leaderboard PC to see what champions players choose. This might help in making your choice.

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Which Legend Is The Best?

As you could already see from the previous section, the choice of character depends on your playstyle and preferences. Thus, there is no advice on which Legend to pick that would suit every player. However, we can suggest the top three most useful characters:

  1. Bangalore – The best choice for a fight. If your playstyle is aggressive and you prefer to get into a fight instead of running away, then this character is a perfect pick for you. Bangalore is excellent when it comes to a gunfight – she is a soldier with excellent battle skills. She knows everything about different types of weapons and uses each better than any other Legend. Her best ability is Smoke Launcher.
  2. Bloodhound – This Legend is a real murderer with impressive skills in tracking enemies. He easily tracks the movements of other teams and can bring his squad a significant advantage over enemies. This is a perfect choice for players, who don’t rush straight to a gunfight but prefer building up a strategy. His tactical ability is Eye of the Allfather.
  3. Lifeline – She is not the most useful character when you are in the middle of battle, as her skills in fighting fall far behind Bangalore’s. However, as soon as the fight is over, Lifeline enters the game. All of her abilities are focused on keeping her teammates safe, so she is an irreplaceable mate to have on your team. Her main ability is D.O.C. Heal Drone.
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