Apex Legends Season 8 Breaks Player Record on Steam

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Apex Legends Season 8 Breaks Player Record on Steam

Two years after it first came out, Apex Legends continues to draw in more players.

Since it's release, Apex Legends has easily become Respawn Entertainment’s flagship title.

What Apex Legends has been through

The game had an up and down career on the live streaming platform, Twitch. After skyrocketing to the top spot on Twitch, it saw its fan-base dwindle and its revenue tumble almost as fast as it rose. After just under a week after its launch in February 2019, Apex Legends had 10 million players enjoying the game. This figure reached 25 million players after just over a week, and 50 million players in March 2019, just a month after its release.

This phenomenal rise was then followed by a slow-down which was just as remarkable. The game needed six months to achieve 70 million players. Apex Legends wasn’t even in the Top 10 Grossing Titles in September 2019.

Of course, it wasn’t all downhill for Apex Legends. Every release of a new season resulted in spikes in the number of players. In October 2019, it had its most successful month since its launch when it garnered $45 million in revenue. This was after the release of the highly appreciated Season 3 along with a new map.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Art’s decision to make Apex Legends available on Steam in November 2020 may yet prove the greatest advantage to their flagship game.

Apex Legends has consistently been on Steam’s Top 10. The game registered a new high in the number of concurrent players in November 2020: 117, 193. It showed no noticeable decline since.

Apex breaks new record

The Steam Charts on Feb 27, showing Apex Legends record breaking number of playersApex Legends Breaks Records on Feb 27, Source: Steam Charts

The recent release of Apex Legends Season 8 has brought a new record for concurrent players on Steam. The exact number reached 196,799 on February 27. The game kept achieving new heights in the number of concurrent players reaching 130,000 players at one time in January.

While Apex Legend’s latest season did not include the release of a new map, it did feature the return of fan-favourite Kings Canyon. Fans also got to see the newest legend, Fuse. He is touted to be a bombastic explosives expert who many enjoy playing.

The launch of Season 8 also marked the game’s second anniversary. To mark this event Respawn offered new Legendary and Epic skins, weapon cosmetics, and the chance to earn 150 Heirloom shards.

What’s in store for Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has a very bright future ahead. We await its introduction to our mobile devices. It can also attempt to crack the Chinese mobile market where PUBG currently dominates. But the nearest thing to reality is Respawn’s plan to turn the game into something more than just a battle royale this year.

It’s good news for many lovers of the game that Respawn has dedicated a new studio to Apex Legends. We expect it to keep enticing new players and keep breaking records.

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