Apex Legends: Potential Octane Twitch Prime Skin Leaked

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Apex Legends: Potential Octane Twitch Prime Skin Leaked

It looks like someone might have accidentally caught a picture of Octane's upcoming Twitch Prime skin.

Leave it to Reddit to fill us in on knowledge humanity is not meant to know. Due to a potential glitch in the character select screen for Apex Legends, one plucky Redditor was able to snag this picture of Apex Legends’ high-speed daredevil Octane, and the colors look suspiciously like a Twitch Prime skin.


This doesn’t appear to be a mere photoshop fake either. YouTube personality The Gaming Merchant has also snagged a photo of the skin in action in the game.

Respawn has already released a plethora of skins in celebration of Season 02 of Apex Legends. And the game has already had a Twitch Prime themed skin in the form of Pathfinder’s “Omega Point” skin.

It’s still unclear if this skin is going to be a Twitch Prime promotion or not, but again, it does have the signature purple colors. The only way we’ll find out is to wait for Respawn to tell us the official story.

Image VIA: /u/bayssa via Reddit

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