Apex Legends Players: Decide Which Limited-Time Game Mode Should Get A Dedicated Playlist

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Apex Legends Players: Decide Which Limited-Time Game Mode Should Get A Dedicated Playlist

A lot of exciting things are coming to Apex Legends in season 17, Arsenal. One of those things is a dedicated playlist for one of Apex Legends' numerous Limited-Time Game Modes in season 17's first in-game event. 

And the best part of all? The players decide which one gets to stay. 

Players can decide whether they want Control, TDM, or Gun run to get a dedicated playlist in Season 17. Voting started today and will last until 8 AM on May 8. Respawn Entertainment will announce the results of the community vote on May 18 through their social media accounts.

For those new to Apex Legends, here's a brief breakdown of the three modes:


Two teams of nine, split into three squads of three Legends, compete to control three Control Zones across the map. 

To score points, players must capture and hold these control zones for as long as possible. Teams earn one point per every second they control a Control Zone. Sometimes during a match, a Bonus Capture event occurs. The game will highlight a specific Control Zone. The team holding this Control Zone when Bonus Capture ends receives bonus points. 

Players select between a handful of premade weapon loadouts at the start of the match. A Ratings System manages the mode's weaponry. Your weapons start as Rare, but you can upgrade them to Epic and Legendary by earning points for various actions. You can earn points by killing enemies and capturing/defending Control Zones. Your loadout rating score earns bonus points if you kill the match's current Ratings Leader. 

In Control, weapons have unlimited ammo, and your health and shields regenerate after several seconds of taking no damage. You can switch between the premade loadouts while waiting to respawn.

Control matches end in three ways:

  1. A team manages to acquire 1250 points.
  2. A team manages to capture all three Control Zones. After this occurs, a Lockout timer will begin. The opposing team must take a Control Zone before the timer expires, or they lose. 
  3. If the match goes to timeout before either of the above occurs, the team with the most points wins.

Team Deathmatch 

Team Deathmatch is an iconic game mode in the shooter franchise and doesn't need much explaining. Ordinarily, that is, as Apex Legends' TDM got off to a rough start when it launched in season 16 (Primarily due to complaints of poor matchmaking and a best-of-three system). 

Respawn Entertainment heard the players' concerns and complaints and adjusted how Team Deathmatch works. Each team consists of six Legends fighting one another. Instead of a best-of-three series system where teams need 30 kills to win a match, Team Deathmatch is now best-of-one, and the first team to 50 kills wins. 

Like in Control, players select between premade loadouts, have unlimited ammo, and have regenerating health and shields.

Gun Run

In Gun Run, players race to get their hands on the best weapon they can. Four teams of three Legends each start with a single weapon they can use. 

When a player gets a kill, their weapon upgrades to the next one on the list. Players must work their way through 25 different weapons. The team that maxes out their weapon loadout first wins. 

Teams share progress, so even if a player gets their first kill in a match if their team's overall score is 10, that player will get the 11th weapon. 

Opposing teams can stall your progress if they kill you with a melee attack. Whenever a player dies due to a melee attack, their team's score drops by one. 

Like with Control and TDM, ammo is unlimited, and health and shields regenerate.

If you change your mind on which mode you want to see a dedicated playlist for, you can restart and change your vote. 

Cast your vote here.