Apex Legends: New Legend “Crypto” Revealed

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Apex Legends: New Legend “Crypto” Revealed

The Eleventh Apex Legend

Following the closing of the Round 1 ring, the announcer and champion banners around the map seem to malfunction. The announcer’s voice slows down as she cinematically powers down (temporarily). Furthermore, the championship/kill leader banners black out as they are visibly being hacked.

Respawn Entertainment have also keyed in on who the culprit is. The newest map addition of Singh Labs during the Voidwalker event had a secret in tow. Enter the labs via the portal and follow the left hallway, which will bring you to a locked room. Removing the doors brings your character face to face with the newest legend – Crypto.

A screenshot of “Crypto” in the locked room within the Singh Labs.

Apex Legends Crypto

Crypto’s launch was met by a “Stories from the Outlands” video titled “Forever Family.” In the reveal, a man and woman discover a new security protocol and decrypt their way into finding a “prediction algorithm.” It apparently accurately displays probabilities, giving crucial information away. This algorithm has the potential of illegally rigging matches and gambling. The woman, Mila Alexander, is adamant about cashing in on a single match to buy the pair a new life. The man would rather not risk it and instead wishes to stay optimistic. That man is Tae Joon Park – Crypto.

Following their discovery, Mila is found murdered with an eyewitness report placing all blame on Crypto. It's clear that the Syndicate Mercenary corporation are looking to dispense of the two for discovering their fraud. Mercenaries storm Park’s apartment and he escapes with the use of a variety of tools. Losing his “Forever Family” and being framed for her murder causes the elite hacker to reinvent himself, becoming a man with a lust for revenge.

Ability Predictions

The odds are that Crypto will wield an EMP Grenade as his tactical ability. In the trailer, he used it to disable a patrol of drones, forcing them to crash and detonate. This grenade has the potential of disabling deployable abilities such as Caustic’s NOX Gas traps. It is unclear whether there may be any additional effects such as temporary removal of player HUDs or dealing damage to shields/flesh.

Furthermore, his ultimate ability is more than likely directly tied with the drone that follows him. Crypto seems to be a new form of a tracking champion, just like Bloodhound. Launching his drone reveals a ping system showing the exact location of all threats around him. Another uncertainty is how the ultimate will reveal this information. Will enemies be highlighted through buildings? Will their last known location be revealed similar to how Bloodhound’s first iteration of “Eye of the Allfather” worked?

Lastly comes Crypto’s passive which doesn’t have as much clarity as the previous abilities do. It seems Crypto might be able to open doors from range and potentially lock or disable them in a crude manner such as his in-game teaser at the Singh Labs. He may have the potential ability to hack the doors shut and lock them, forcing enemies to break down the door to access his location.

As the hype around the new Legend continues to spread, so too comes the hype of Season 3 which is just on the horizon for the hit battle royale. Similarly to Wattson with the release of Season 2, it's evident that Crypto will debut in Season 3, potentially at launch on October 1st.

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